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Nowadays getting a SIXT car for rent is quite beneficial for the tourists. Through this, you can book any vehicle of your choice & pay the rental amount according to your destination. But before you return a SIXT car, you should also know about the SIXT return policy so that you can quickly & learn the points related to renting at SIXT & you will then immediately execute the renting procedure.

SIXT car rental return policy

  • Customers can return the SIXT + car at any time

  • You also have to remember that the location from you have picked the car you have to drop the vehicle at the exact location only

  • The customer who books the car has to return the car only by itself.

  • Customer have to return of car as they get it means neat & clean & without any dent or so

  • You can also return the car before the end of a 30 day billing period.

  • Lastly, if you need to return the vehicle, you will get deemed to a termination of the existing contract

  • And if in case you return the car after the period of returning, you have to pay a fine regarding late returning.

Do I have to clean the rental car before returning SIXT?

YES, SIXT customers have to clean the car before returning because the SIXT renting policy is that while you return a car to SIXT, you are advised to return the vehicle to them with total cleanliness. Because the SIXT expects that the way they have presented you the car with clean inner material, you return the car in the same condition. If you can’t return the car in the same situation, then SIXT will apply to the fee.

Can I return a Sixt car to a different location?

YES, SIXT provides the customer with the option of returning the car to a different location but only to one-way rentals between selected locations. So in this scenario, a one-way fee will be applicable on your contract & if you need to get related information, you can go through the respective terms & conditions for rental SIXT cars.

However, you can also contact the customer care executive team for further information related to SIXT car rental rules & regulations that SIXT sets up for renting cars.


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