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United Airlines Travel with Babies and Children Policy

If you are flying for the first time with babies and children through United airlines, then you must be aware of the Infant policies. Most people face many problems when they overlook such policies, and this may create further problems. Though, for some people, it is hard to comprehend the policies for babies and children. If you are wondering the easiest way to understand United Airlines Infant Policy then you have landed in the right place. Below we have mentioned everything about the policies.

United Airlines Infant Policies

There are certain conditions that you need to follow, and make sure you read every point. It will help you to carry the baby quickly and without putting yourself into trouble at the last moment.

  • There are some restrictions like if the baby is small than seven days, they are not allowed to travel with united airlines.

  • If the baby is above seven days, you can travel with them, but make sure the person carrying him must be 18 old or more than this. Though, many people confuse when the children are carrying by some other person. So to prove this, you need to carry the documents to show that the children belong to you.

  • If you are the uncle or someone else than the parents, then you need the parents’ consent. If you do not have the document, then you might have to face some legalities.

  • Now, ticket purchasing is a very important part. If the child is two years old or more than this, you have to purchase the ticket.

  • It may happen that you have two kids. This creates a lot of confusion when the person could not find which one they should purchase the ticket. Now, first of all, both should have the age of 2 years at least. If the one child is less than two years, then you don’t need to purchase the tickets. But in the case above two years old, you have to purchase the ticket. You have to purchase the ticket only for one who is not sitting on your lap.

  • Now, when the person is traveling within a state or country, the age of the children plays an imperative role. It means you have to purchase the ticket only when the children are not sitting on your lap. But, for the international trip, regardless of the children’s age, whether they are sitting on your lap or not, you have to purchase the ticket.

  • You can carry some luggage for which you don’t have to pay, like a diaper bag, breast pump, and comfortable folding sitting chair. But, when you carry more than this, then you have to pay some amount.

It is the United Airlines travel with babies policy when you are traveling with children or small babies. The major question that bothers the traveler is whether the fare for the children’s ticket is similar to the elder one for the reservation and class? To know this, you can read further.

Fare Difference Between Children’s Tickets And Elder United Airlines Tickets

It depends on the type of class and destination you are traveling with or booked. You can read about this in the below-mentioned points.

  1. Those who are traveling on their guardian’s lap do not need to purchase the ticket. Though it is not possible for all the children, if someone is sitting on the chair, then you might have to bear some changes.

  2. When the flight covers particular places, the infant has to only bear the taxes, not the complete ticket’s fare. So that taxes rely on the places you are going to visit

  3. Those who are carrying the children on their lap during the international flight need to pay some amount. Though this can change from airline to airline, here with united airlines, you need to pay 10% of the elder's ticket fare as the infant ticket’s fare.

  4. Even there are some fixed rows on which the person with the infants can sit. It is only because of the oxygen mask constraints.

  5. Now, for those who have babies but find it hard to carry on their lap, and the children are not older than 2 years, then they can go with the bassinets. Though these bassinets are not available or may be limited, so make sure you apply for this before you sit with your baby. However, you can get this facility for international flights in the journey, but make sure you do not break it and use it with care. The best part is that you don’t have to pay for it.

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