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Learn the ways to get a refund from Vueling and refund policy

When you have purchased the fight ticket from Vueling Airline and due to a change in your travel plan, you want to cancel your booking and for your wish to get your money back. Then you can try using any of the modes stated below per your suitability.

Contact Vueling support for refund

When you have finished the cancellation process and then if you are willing to apply for a refund you can submit the vueling refund request by contacting the Vueling customer service team. And for that, you can dial its official phone number, which is +34931518158. The refund can be applied by email also, clients@vueling.com

Get a refund from Vueling online 

With the Vueling Airline, you can submit the refund request on your own by using the online method. And the hint for using this option to get money back from Vueling has been described beneath:-

  • Use a search engine to visit the official site of Vueling Airline. https://www.vueling.com/en/
  • And then click on "Your Booking" icon.
  • Under that type, select the "Manage your booking" option and enter your "booking code" with the "purchaser's email address".
  • In the next tab you will see the details of your reservation. Now select the reservation you want to cancel and click on the refund icon.
  • After that, a refund form appears, fill in the details, and click on the submit icon.

How long does a Vueling refund take?

When you have submitted your refund form and want to know about the vueling refund time, then at the bottom, you can get the answers for this.

  • When you make your payment through credit card or cash, you can have a refund within 20 working days.
  • But when the booking has been conducted except for the form, you can get a refund within 7 to 10 working days.

What is the Vueling refund policy?

When you cancel your booking and get a refund, you get to comply with the terms and conditions laid by the airline for that. And that provision is located in the vueling refund policy, which is mentioned beneath:-

  1. When you cancel your booking within 24 hours of buying the flight ticket, and your flight departure date is more than seven days, you can seek the full sum back.
  2. And if the cancellation takes place after the grace time expires, you can get a refund after deducting cancellation fees.
  3. When you cancel your flight due to a medical condition or illness, you can get full reimbursement if the airline approves your document.
  4. If you apply for a refund when your flight is delayed by three hours, and you don't urge to travel with a substitute, you can also obtain full reimbursement.
  5. When you have made your booking with the help of a travel agent, then you get to connect with them for your refund.

Does Vueling have a 24-hour cancellation policy?

Yes, Vueling Airlines has a 24-hour cancellation policy. But there are different scenarios for that cancellation, and you can get a refund from Vueling. Thus the scenarios have been cited at the bottom:-

  • You can cancel your booking within 24 hours of reservation without paying any additional fees.
  • And when you cancel your booking within 24 hours of departure of the flight, you get to pay the flight cancelation fees and the rest sum you can have back.

How long do Vueling take to refund UK?

When you have made your reservation with Vueling from the United Kingdom(UK) online, you will get your money back in 7 days.

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