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Cheap Flights to Paradise Island with Best Deals

If you are also a beach lover and love spending time away from the hustle of the city somewhere off shore near island, then Caribbean land Bahamas is an ideal place to plan your next holiday. Surrounded by beautiful beaches and islands, Bahamas is an independent country located in northwestern West Indies. Paradise Island, Bahamas is surrounded by beautiful islands and peaceful clean beaches. If you have been a water baby or love soaking in sun then Paradise Island is the perfect holiday gateway for all age groups and people. So before you think of planning your next holiday destination to Bahamas, here are few points to one should know about the place while visiting this beautiful holiday destination:

  • Paradise Island was formerly known as Hog Island. It's located on the shore of Nassau city.
  • Its major center of attraction is Atlantis resort which is famous for its water park rides, pools, beaches, restaurants, casinos and aquariums.
  • There are number of fun activities that one can do in Bahamas.
  • From snorkeling, swimming, water sports activities to soaking in sun and tasting local food and drinks, Bahamas has everything one would want to do.
  • The best season to visit Bahamas is all the twelve months.
  • There is no such particular season or month of tourist.
  • Also it has everything for all the age groups.
  • From a long awaited trip of friends or romantic honeymoon of newlyweds or family vacation with kids, Paradise Island has something for everyone.
  • Also if you are peculiar about the bookings and planning schedule, everything is just one click away.
  • Plan your holiday and spend quality time detoxing oneself away from chaos of urban lifestyle. Till then happy holidays.