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Cheap Flights to San Domingo with Best Deals

Santo Domingo is 521 years old and the capital city of Dominican Republic. It is also the largest metropolitan by population in the Caribbean. Santo Domingo is also famous as the oldest living European city. There you can see various historical buildings and monuments from the time of Christopher Columbus.

Santo Domingo is a perfect destination for the people who are fascinated by the historical architecture. If you are planning to travel Santo Domingo and want to know about the top things to do there go through the information given below

Alcazar de colon is one of the major tourist attractions in Santo Domingo. It was built around 1510 to 1514 by the son of Christopher Columbus. You can visit the place and do not forget to take the audio tour that will be helpful for you to learn about the history related to the place.

Columbus Lighthouse is a monument and also one of the other attractions of Santo Domingo. It was built over the remains of Christopher Columbus to dedicate him on his 400 year anniversary celebration in year 1992. The night view of the lighthouse is very amazing.

Basilica Cathedral of Santa Maria Ia Menor is the oldest cathedral church in America. It was started to construct from 1514 and was completed in year 1540. You can go there and enjoy the beauty of the architecture and the entrance ticket is also very reasonable.

Los Tres Ojos is best place to visit for the nature lovers. It is a national park with the beautiful caves and lakes. You can also hire a guide if you are interested in knowing about the history related to it.

While booking your ticket to Santo Domingo you can search online for the best Santo Domingo packages available. There are various travel agencies providing whole tour package including travel ticket, accommodation and rental cars etc. you can book the tour package from them to make your journey more comfortable.