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Cheap Flight to Santiago with Best Deals

Santiago de Chile, that is generally called as Santiago, is the economic center and capital of Chile. With its theaters, museums, restaurants, events, bars and other entertainment and also the cultural opportunities, it is the cultural and the political center of the country. The central location of the place makes it a base point to further discover the country. You can also enjoy many entertainment activities in the city in its many malls.


A cool semi-arid climate can be found in Santiago where the temperature reaches up to 35 degree C on the hottest days that are the months of October to March. Winters are cool and humid at the same time where the maximum temperature is 14 degree C. the rainfall in Santiago is highly variable. The temperature varies throughout the year from an average of 20 degree C in the month of January and to 8 degree C in the months of June and July.

Best time to visit Santiago

The perfect months to visit Santiago is from late September to November or from the months from March to May. These are the months that mark the spring and the fall shoulder seasons.

Best things to do in Santiago

  • Enjoy the views at Valle Nevado : If you are in love with snowboarding and skiing, then there is an incredible spot that is just 90 minutes away from Santiago. It is called Valle Nevado.
  • See the impressive views from Costanera Center : Glittering glass Costanera Center rises high above the rest of the city. It is certainly the highest where you can enjoy the sky viewpoint.
  • See the incredible natural beauty of Cajon del Maipo : Here you can enjoy hiking, rafting, camping, skiing, and cycling and you can also visit delicious winery nearby. This place is good if you are planning for skiing during your Christmas Holidays.
  • Enjoy the city's beautiful Cerro Santa Lucia : It is a small and intimate hill park in the center of Santiago which offers some pretty big views. The park was formerly unkempt hill.


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