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Aeroflot Airlines Flight Booking

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Operating since 1923 and making it the oldest active airline of the word, Aeroflot Airlines is headquartered in the Central Administrative Okrug, Moscow. It is also the flag carrier of Russia. With its large and extensive fleet, Aeroflot flies to 146 destinations across 52 countries. The group of Aeroflot belongs to the world's top 20 largest airline holdings. Under its latest business strategy, the group aims at carrying 130 million passengers every year by reducing the fare price of the economy class by 30% for the citizens of Russia. 

The leading independent authority which assists in maintaining the quality of the airport, Skytrax, has garnered Aeroflot with a rating of 4 stars. In addition to that, around 8 times it has been recognized as the best airline in Eastern Europe. In 2020, it was once again for the third straight year recognized as the best airline in Eastern Europe. Apart from this, the company has also been named a Five Star Global Airline in APEX's Official Airline Ratings.

Major Hub Aeroflot Airlines

To meet the need and requirements of its passengers, Aeroflot is focused on its fleet and have opened a new hub in Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport. Also, the airlines have incredibly increased their efficiency and operations by building B and C terminals in the same Northern Terminal. Because of it, passengers have new routes to reach the Aeroflot and save a lot of their time they waste for hours in reaching the airport on time. 

Facilities and Aeroflot’s Support  

Being the chief carrier of Russia and also the largest Airline in Eastern Europe in terms of the number of passengers it carries, Aeroflot aims at providing its passenger’s world facilities. In-flight services range from national and international cuisines to various sources of entertainment to many other amenities. Apart from this the airline also makes sure no passenger or person book his/her next flight with the airline faces any sort of issues. For this purpose, it has a dedicated team of customer care officials. You can reach out to the airline any time any day for finding a solution to all your issues and doubts. So make sure for your next flight you make an Aeroflot airlines reservation.

Check-In Policy


Once you have booked a ticket with Aeroflot flight booking and are all set to go for your next trip or vacation, then you must know a little about the check in policy. There are two way you can check-in –

  • Online Check-in – You can do so by simply going to the official website and click on the online check-in option. You have entered your last name, ticket number, and some other passport numbers. Though online check-in may not be available for joint flights under a code-share agreement.
  • Offline Check-in – The airline allows you to check-in 24 hours or 25 minutes before the departure of the scheduled flight. 

Baggage Policy

  • If you are traveling in business class than you can carry up to two bags of up to 32kg per piece.
  • If you are travelling in comfort or economy class you can carry up to two bags of 23kg per piece.
  • While business class travelers can carry hand baggage with a maximum weight of 15 kg, the weight of carry-on baggage is limited to 10 kg, for comfort class and economy class travelers.
  • The linear dimension of the your baggage must not exceed 158cm.

Cancellation Policy 

In case you are looking for a way to cancel your booked flight due to some circumstance then you must know the policy –

  • You need to notify the airline about the cancellation 3 days ago the scheduled flight. 
  • If you fail to do so your amount will not be refunded. 
  • Once you apply for the cancellation you can stop the process 24 hours before the departure of your flight.
  • If you are canceling your ticket within 24 hours you will not be charged. After that, the cancellation process will be fined. 



Question: How do I reschedule my Aeroflot flight? 

If you have made an Aeroflot flight booking and looking for a way to reschedule it, then you can simply contact the customer care for the purpose.  Call Center : +1-802-808-8988

Question: Why is the Airline so cheap? 

Because it is state-owned and therefore have cheap labor costs. 


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