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Air France Airlines Flight Booking

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Tour and trips are an essential part of life. It has both physical and physiological benefits. To get the optimum leverages, from on-board to reaching destination plays an imperative role. It is vital to go with airlines that can boost your traveling experience.

In that case, Air France Airlines is the best selection. It is 87 years old airline and continuously serving in different areas. You might get shocked to know that in 2019, they carried more than 40 million passengers. Certain points will help you during the Air France Airlines booking.

Major Hubs and Destination of Air France Airlines

Charles de Gaulle Airport and Orly Airport are the key hubs of Air France Airlines. It covers both domestic and international places. Major places that Air France covered are:

  • Chicago to Paris
  • New York to Madrid
  • Atlanta to Frankfurt
  • Los Angeles to Papeete

The most fascinating fact is that this airline has covered more than 78 countries. It gives freedom to the user to choose different places for the trip and explore new places.

Does not matter you are experienced or a newbie travel. All rely on the services of the airlines. If it meets the expectation, then it adds more stars to travel.

Top Facilities you can get with Air France Airlines

It is very easy to determine the services of the company, how? Online Presence. You can do the Air France Flight booking online without visiting any place. It is the first and the major benefit you can get with Air France Airlines.

Classes variation shows how strong Airlines are. If you visit Air France Airlines, then you will find a different class. This is divided into two sections, we have covered their detailed study below.

  • Long haul international flights
  • Short-haul flights

Long Haul International flights

In this section, you will get three classes- Economy, premium, and business. The cost of the ticket depends on the class you have chosen. And in this, you will get the facilities, like food, and beverages.

Short-haul flights

These flights are not for covering long routes, majorly small destinations, or places within a country. However, they have different classes and sections too. Those are Economy, premium economy, and business class. Again, the cost relies on the class you chose. The higher the class, the more you have to pay.

Refreshment and small drinks are available, but you cannot get the full meal.

These are the facilities you can get with Air France Airlines. When it comes to baggage, most people often get confused. Let’s go through it.

Baggage Policy of Air France Airlines

Every airline, they have a fixed luggage policy. In Air France Airlines, your baggage capacity depends on multiple things, like:

  • Travel Cabin
  • Member Status
  • Fare Status

Let’s have a look at the detail of baggage policy. For travel Cabin

  • For economy, 1 bag of 23kg/50lb is allowed.
  • In premium economy class, 2 bags are permissible with 23kg/50lb each.
  • For business cabin, 2 bags are allowed with 32kg/70lb each one.
  • In premium cabin, 3 baggages are allowed with 32kg/70lb each one.
  • If you elite member, then one extra baggage is allowed with zero charges. And infants with no seats must not crossed 10kg weight and may require extra fare.

Cancellation policy of Air France Airlines

Cancellation of the ticket is a very common act; however, the reason may vary from one to another. When you cancel the seat, you have to mention the authentic reason behind it. It could voluntary or involuntary.

  • Ticket must permits the refunds (with fee and without fee)
  • Airlines do not deduct any fee if you have 24-hours cancellation policy.
  • For non refundable tickets, only taxes and surcharges will be paid back.

In the case of online Air France flight reservations, you can fill online refund form. For a refund, you can apply quickly and click on the option of a review or modify the bookings.


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