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Cayman Airways Booking

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Want to visit Cayman Island and looking for value-for-money airways? If yes, then nothing can replace Cayman Airways, a flag carrier. This Airway was founded in 1968 and expands its services after 1975. They believe that those who travel with them always take good memories. It is not just in words, you can get the best fare and services at Cayman Airways. Their online services are completely user friendly and easy to direct. Once you step on-board, your journey starts. 

Cayman Airways is quite a popular airline and covered 12 destinations. It covers both domestic and international places and provides cargo services too. Though cargo service is not available in all places, you can get on most of the routes.

Cayman Airways Hubs and destinations

It starts from the hub at Owen Roberts International Airport. It not only covers the Cayman Islands but many other places and destination too, like:

  • Cuba
  • Honduras
  • Jamaica
  • United States 

You can see the variance of the places, and that gives you the option to explore different places. But during Cayman airways flight booking, you have to consider a few points. We have discussed them below.

Facilities at Cayman Airways

Cayman airways never hold back when it comes to offering facilities. You can do the booking with online Cayman airways. It is efficient and easy to process. The best part is that you do not have to wait for a longer period.

Apart from online booking, you will get the best hospitality. They offer you wide legroom, exceptional seat comfort, Television for entertainment, maintain hygiene. Not only this, but they will offer you the food and beverages too.

What more you can expect from airways?

Travelling and vacation is always a topic of excitement. But, wait! Don’t let this excitement to introduce additional expenses. How?

First-time travelers fill their bags with all necessary and unnecessary things. It is important to understand how much baggage is enough.

Baggage Policy in Cayman Airways

Before you move to the Cayman airways reservations, you should know about the baggage policy. It is the policy that has been set up by the airways to maintain the weight. We have mentioned the policy below, you can go through it.

In economy class

  • Optimum size of the bags should be 157cm (Total length + Width + Height).
  • 2 Bags are allowed
  • Maximum weight should not cross 55lbs.

Business Class

  • 3 bags are allowed
  • Dimension of the bags should 157cm (Each) (Total length+Width+Height)
  • Lift weight up to 55lbs.

Infants (age0-23 months)

  • Baggage is not allowed
  • Car seat and stroller is allowed but not exceed 157cm

If you exceed the threshold weight or violet the policy, then you might have to pay extra charges. It would be better if you carry only essential things to avoid such a situation.

Cancellation policy of tickets in Cayman Airways

Cayman airways take prompt action to the cancellation. But, you have to apply quickly before the ticket gets expires. Go through the below mentioned policies.

  • Ticket must be cancelled during the active span of time
  • Request for refund can take 7 to 10 working days
  • $100 to $500 charge if the tickets cancel after 24 hours
  • $100 to $400 is penalty if the ticket is cancel within 24 hours

Behind cancellation, the reason could be anything like voluntarily or involuntary. In both situations, you can apply for a refund.




Question: How to use the miles in cayman airways?

Answer: You can use the promotion code, or miles to cut down the expenses. This can be done when you fill the form. It is easy, but make sure you have a minimum number of miles to satisfy the condition. Once your miles get accepted, you can experience the lower down of the cost.


Question: Is it possible to cancel the ticket with a full refund?

Answer: Yes, you can cancel the reservation and get a full refund. But, make sure that the ticket has been purchased seven days prior to the boarding date. It also relies on the cause of the cancellation.



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