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Cubana Airlines Flight Booking

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Cubana is a leading airline which was founded more than 9 decades ago in the year 1929 and started its operations in the following year. Currently, approximately a million users trust Cubana for completing their air travel services.

You can easily make the Cubana Airlines flight booking by using online mode with its website or by contacting its customer support. Together with this, you can also choose the third party for booking the Cubana flight ticket.

Cubana is famous for its customer commitment and the constant schedule which this airline follows. Cubana connects more than 20 domestic and international destinations with its aeroplane fleet.

You can complete the Cubana Airlines flight booking as it follows the safety standards set by IATA. Cubana Airlines happens to be a founder and the existing member of IATA and AITAL. Cubana also falls under the codeshare agreements with various major airlines such as Avianca, Air Caraibes, Blue Panorama Airlines etc.

Cubana Airlines Facilities

Cubana Airlines is famous for the amenities which it provides to its customers. Some of the facilities are too crucial to be avoided by Cubana. Once you book Cubana airlines flights you can enjoy its world-class facilities before, during or even after the flight.

  • Once you book the Cubana flight ticket for any of its cabin class, you can enjoy the comfortable airport practice during departure on the airport.
  • After getting into the plane, you will be greeted with the passionate and well-trained Cubana Airlines crew who are adept in serving the customers.
  • Once you sit on the luxurious and comfortable seat, then the pre-departure drink is provided followed by the snacks and other beverages.
  • After making the Cubana flight reservation, you will receive the amenities which you have added to your booking even for pets or unaccompanied minors.
  • The passengers with special needs will get all the facilities which they need during their Cubana flights.

Cubana Airlines Major Hubs

Cubana has major hubs which serve its flights to concentrate the traffic of the passengers. Cubana uses these hubs as the stop-over points for its flights. If you book Cubana airlines flights as a multi-city flight, then you will take the pleasure of arriving at one of the major hubs on Cubana Airlines.

The list of the major hubs of Cubana Airlines is discussed below:

  • José Martí International Airport (Main Hub).
  • Antonio Maceo Airport.
  • Juan Gualberto Gómez Airport.
  • Frank País Airport.

A mail or primary hub of any airline acts which support all the flights of the airlines. Whereas, if the capacity of the primary hub crosses the limit, then the airline has to resort on the secondary hubs.

Cubana Airlines Baggage Policy

Some of the Cubana Airlines customers always remain baffled about the baggage which they can take in the travel. If you also make the Cubana Flight Reservation, then you should follow the baggage policy rules of Cubana for better travelling experience.

Carry-on or hand baggage

  • Only one baggage item is allowed for the air journey.
  • The weight of that baggage should be less than 5 kg.
  • The maximum dimension (Length+Breadth+Width) is 45 inches.

Checked Baggage

  • The checked baggage rules differ from the different travel classes of Cubana airlines.
  • However, the maximum weight which is allowed for checked baggage is 50 kg.
  • The minimum weight of the checked baggage is 20 kg permitted in the Cubana flight.

Excess Baggage

  • If the baggage exceeds the allowed weight or size, then the customer needs to pay 35 Canadian Dollars/bag.
  • If the baggage exceeds both permitted weight and size, then the customer needs to pay 70 Canadian Dollars/bag.
  • For extra baggage in Cubana flight ticket booking, you need to pay 90 or 125 Canadian Dollars/bag.

Cubana Airlines Cancellation Policy

Seldom, we need to cancel the Cubana airlines flight ticket for any reason. In this case, the Cubana Airlines cancellation policy comes into play and can be used by any traveller. A few of the crucial cancellation rules are discussed below:

  • If the Cubana passenger cancels its Cubana flight reservation within 24 hours, then you will cancel your flight ticket with a full refund.
  • Flight cancellation made after 24 hours may attract the cancellation fees. This fee does not apply when you cancel the ticket within 24 hours.
  • According to the cancellation policy, you can cancel the Cubana ticket online without any problem. The refund can also be applied online.
  • The amount of the cancellation fees of Cubana Airlines is decided based on the rules of the airlines.



Q: How can I book Cubana Airlines flights?

A: You can book the Cubana Airlines flights through its official website.

Q: Can I change my Cubana Airlines flight?

A: Yes, you can change the Cubana Airlines flight with its manage booking section.

Q: Can I check-in for my Cubana flight online?

A: Yes, you can use the online check-in facility of Cubana Airlines on its website.

Q: Where can I fly using the Cubana Airlines service?

A: Cubana operates in various regions including Europe, Central American, Caribbean and Cuba.

Q: Does Cubana Airlines have a preferential class?

A: Yes, Cubana Airlines gives you access to the preferential travel class.


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