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Delta Airlines Flight Booking

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Delta Airlines is renowned in the aviation industry for its cost-effective flights and easy-to-go reservations that come packed with pleasant air travel. The Headquarters of the Delta Airlines is located in Atlanta, Georgia, America, having multiple routes that are spread across 54 countries globally. The passengers can easily access the Delta Airlines flight booking through their website and can book travel as per their preference. The airline also runs numerous features and deals that are truly exciting for passengers who are looking for budget-friendly travel.

Facilities of the Delta Airlines

Delta Airlines is known for delivering a great consumer experience that speaks for the excellence of the Airlines in general. Delta takes pride in serving more than 200 million passengers annually and constantly strives to upscale their level through constant cycles of retrospection.

Delta operates and has a significantly large and laid out jobs and key markets that adds a significant dimension of diversity to the entire Delta Airline operations.

Delta has also been the world’s most awarded airline in terms of customer service. Therefore it is regarded as the most suitable and the most cost-effective airline in the multiple consumer surveys.

Adding another badge to Delta’s reputation is the services that the Delta Airline offers and are as follows:

  • Delta Airlines offers a loyalty program that is termed as the Delta This loyalty program offers miles to the passengers that can be redeemed in their next travel. For those who are ardent passengers of Delta Airlines, it can really be a boon for them. These Miles can also be earned through daily activities such as shopping or dining or just simply using the credit card. Frequent flyers can upgrade their status as far as the loyalty program is concerned. Four levels are Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond.
  • Another facility offered by Delta Airlines is the Delta Credit card that offers free checked-in baggage and if you are a frequent flyer then the Delta Credit Card should be your go-to partner for your air travel.
  • Delta Airlines also offers Delta comfort+ program that allows passengers a scope through which they can easily opt for additional legroom and also a dedicated baggage space above the seat.
  • Sky priority boarding option is offered to hasten the overall boarding process for the passengers.
  • Delta customer satisfaction is another factor that makes it a holy grail for passengers who are looking for a budget journey that does not compromise on the additional amenities. Complimentary meals, soft drinks, and alcoholic beverages are offered to the Delta one, first-class, and Premium select passengers. Moreover, the economy passengers also get Starbucks coffee and beer or wine on international flights.

Delta Airline Baggage Policy

Before booking with the Delta Airlines, passengers need to check with the baggage policy. The Delta international flight baggage policy is as follows:

For checked-in baggage

  • The allowed weight of the checked-in baggage is 50 pounds and a passenger is allowed to carry two bags each.
  • As far as the dimensions of the checked-in baggage are concerned, the passengers can carry anything of 62 inches or within 62 inches.

For Carry-on baggage

  • Each passenger is allowed to carry single carry-on baggage on board.
  • As far as the dimensions are concerned, the baggage must adhere to the dimensions of 45 inches. Moreover, the carry-on baggage must fit in the pocket of the front seat.
  • Passengers can take with them a laptop bag, a diaper bag, briefcase, etc as for the carry-on baggage.

Cancellation Policy of the Delta Airlines

Cancellations can be a cumbersome process for the passengers as there are too many steps involved. But with Delta Airlines ticket booking, you can easily cancel anytime without much hassle as the airline provides an easy cancellation policy that one can opt for in case of a change of plans.

To cancel your Delta Airline bookings, refer to the steps mentioned below and proceed further:

  • First and foremost you need to look for your trip. Visit the My Trip section on the official website of Delta Airlines and proceed as instructed. Visit the ‘My Trips’ section, there you will find your entire trip schedule. Select the flight that you would like to cancel or modify from the drop-down list.
  • Once you have selected the flight that you are looking to modify or cancel, the next you need to do is to visit the Trip details page by clicking on the ‘Details’ option.
  • The mentioned step is for the passengers who are SkyMiles members. For those who do not possess a SkyMiles membership, they need to visit the ‘My Trip’ section and then need to fill in the required details that are name and confirmation number.
  • In case the passengers do not have access to the confirmation number then they can either use their credit or debit card number or else they can also fill in the ticket number. Once you have filled in the required details, hit the Find My Trip option.
  • Once you have access to the Trip details page, there you need to again select the ‘Modify Flight’ tab.
  • You need to choose whether you are looking for a Flight modification or a flight change or cancellation. All the tickets that are eligible for a waiver against the change fee and Award redeposit fee will be granted an exemption.

Delta Airlines Major Hubs

  • Atlanta
  • Boston
  • Detroit
  • Los Angeles
  • Minneapolis- St. Paul
  • New York JFK
  • New York LaGuardia
  • Salt Lake City
  • Seattle
  • Amsterdam
  • London-Heathrow
  • Paris-Charles de Gaulle
  • Seoul
  • Mexico City
  • Tokyo

Delta Airlines Flights booking is known for its extreme effectiveness and also maintains its reputations among its passengers. This cycle has been there for almost a decade now and they continue to strive and provide the best of the facilities that one could possibly imagine as far as Air travel is concerned.

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