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InterCaribbean Airways Flight Booking

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Are you looking for the details about InterCaribbean Airways including the information about the most common FAQs asked by the people about it? If so then this is right platform as the most significant information related to the InterCaribbean Airways flight booking and services are explained on this page completely.

InterCaribbean Airways and Facilities

InterCaribbean Airways that is based in Turks & Caicos Islands is one of the well-known passenger airline. It was founded in 1991, initially with the name InterIsland Airways which was changed later. InterCaribbean Airways operates flights towards 23 different destinations among the world and the fleet size of the airline includes 14 aircrafts. InterCaribbean Airways flight booking services are amazing that are offered to the passengers who make a reservation with them. To know main facilities that are offers by InterCaribbean Airways kindly go through the points below:

  • InterCaribbean Airways provide the online flight booking facility to those people for whom visiting an airport is not a suitable option
  • InterCaribbean Airways provides online check-in as well as seat update facility to the passengers who have booked a flight with them
  • InterCaribbean Airways passengers gets the best food service on the flight as well as they also get the facility to request special food up to a certain time limit before travel
  • Online service to change a flight as well as cancelling the same in emergency is also the most convenient facility offered by InterCaribbean Airways to the passengers

Major Hubs of InterCaribbean Airways

Apart from knowing the brief details about InterCaribbean Airways, if you are looking further to get information about where the major hubs of the airline are located then you can know it here. The names of the two major hubs of InterCaribbean Airways are as enlisted below:

  • Las Americas International Airport
  • Providenciales International Airport

Process for Booking InterCaribbean Airways Flight Tickets

Booking InterCaribbean Airways flight tickets is quite simple as they provide direct phone booking assistance for it. On the other hand, online flight booking is also available through the InterCaribbean Airways website. If you are willing to know the online process for Intercaribbean flight booking, then follow the instructions below:

  • At first, visit the official website of InterCaribbean Airways on a browser
  • Further navigate towards the flights booking tab on the home page
  • Next you need to type the names of your departure and arrival destination
  • Then select a suitable trip type from round, one-way, or multi-city options
  • After that choose the desired dates on the calendar for your journey
  • Then add the passengers in different age groups and press continue
  • Hereafter, a whole list of flights available with InterCaribbean Airways will appear
  • Afterwards you can choose a most suitable flight as per need and proceed to payment
  • Later choose a preferred payment channel and pay the final booking fee

Baggage Policy of InterCaribbean Airways

Those who are making InterCaribbean Airways reservations are most worried about the baggage as it a major thing to know before actual journey so that the right decision about what to bring what to not can be made. Therefore, to get the right information about baggage policy of InterCaribbean Airways, you can follow the details through the points discussed below:

Carry-on baggage

  • As per the baggage policy of InterCaribbean Airways each passenger is allowed to bring a single carry-on bag in the flight cabin during travel without extra fee
  • The maximum permitted dimension for the carry-on luggage by InterCaribbean Airways is 12x9x16 inch

Checked baggage

  • According to the InterCaribbean Airways baggage policy the limit of allowed checked baggage depends on the origin and destination of the flight
  • One checked bag to the passengers in the domestic flights is allowed up to a maximum weight of 22.5 kg
  • One checked bag to the passengers on international flights of up to a maximum weight limit 22.5 kg is allowed by the airline
  • Moreover, the free checked bag limit is two for the passengers on the flight router Providenciales to/from Cap Haitien with the combined maximum weight limit of 31.5

InterCaribbean Airways Cancellation Policies

Next most important concern among those who has InterCaribbean Airways flight tickets in advance is about that rules for cancelling the same if they encounter any emergency before scheduled departure. Hence, the right information about the cancellation policy of has InterCaribbean Airways is discussed in the points below:

  • According to the flight cancellation policy of InterCaribbean Airways a passenger is allowed for a free ticket cancellation within 24 hour from the original purchase
  • On the other hand, the flight cancellation on InterCaribbean Airways is available in exchange for additional fee when the 24 risk free cancellation limit is crossed by the passenger
  • Moreover, the cancellation fee charged by the InterCaribbean Airways for cancelling a booked flight in emergency depends on the fare rule
  • Once a flight is cancelled by a passenger they need to submit a refund request with InterCaribbean Airways for receiving back the remaining ticket fee after deduction of cancellation fee from it
  • InterCaribbean Airways process the refund to the passengers original payment mode within 7 working days once the request is submitted by them
  • Flight cancellation service of InterCaribbean Airways is accessible through the official webpage via My bookings tab or you can also contact the reservation support center directly for the same



Most people have some common queries related to the InterCaribbean Airways tickets booking before they actually make a reservation with them. Therefore, a few relevant FAQs about the InterCaribbean Airways are discussed below.

What is the baggage allowance on Intercaribbean Airways?

1 bag per passenger is usually permitted by Intercaribbean Airways. Further you can check the itinerary for more confirmed detail.


What are most popular routes on which InterCaribbean Airways flights operate?

Most popular flight routes are Providenciales to Grand Turk on which InterCaribbean Airways operated 2 flights per day.


What are the rules for missing a non-refundable flight on Intercaribbean Airways?

You can change a non-refundable flight ticket anytime until the closing of flight check-in or it doesn’t have any value further


Is it possible to book a flight ticket online on Intercaribbean Airways?

Yes, a flight ticket booking on InterCaribbean Airways is possible online through its official website


Therefore, the most relevant details about the InterCaribbean Airways that a person need to know if interested in making a flight reservation are discussed above. Apart from this, InterCaribbean Airways also provide customer services to assist the customer who have any query related to an existing booking, or to those who are making a flight reservation for the first time. Besides, customer service center of InterCaribbean Airways also provides the service to handle the complaints registered by the passengers regarding any bad experience they have encountered during travel.


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