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LIAT Airlines Flight Booking

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Airlines play an imperative role to make the trip memorable. But, not all airlines contribute. A bad airline can easily break your journey and put you in a difficult situation. If you are looking for the best airline, then LIAT airlines could be the best choice.

LIAT is a Caribbean carrier which is operating for more than 45 years and covers different places. Read the below mentioned write up that covers more about this airline and LIAT airlines booking procedure.

Major Hubs of LIAT Airlines

Hubs of LIAT are Antigua and headquartered in V.C Bird International Airport Saint George Parish. It covers 15 destinations and planning to cover more that will particularly cover the distance between the Caribbean Islands.

It was about to start in 2020, but due to Covid-19, changes may be seen in 2021.

Facilities of LIAT Airlines

  • The first thing one looks after the cost is facilities. In LIAT you can get the below-mentioned things.
  • AI-based mobile application
  • Collect baggage from the doorstep
  • Offer CAB services
  • Food and beverages during flying
  • Old people can avoid the long line of security check 

These are the major facilities one can receive with this airline. However, LIAT takes care of the children too. Excellent crew members offer puzzles and food to the children that keep them busy even for a long haul flight.

Before going with the LIAT airlines reservations, you must aware of the baggage and cancellation policy.

Baggage’s Policy of LIAT Airlines

  • The size of the bag should be 21x14x8 inch
  • Weight should not be more than 23kg or 50lbs per bag.
  • Two bags are allowed (size should be 21x14x8inch)
  • All the charges of the ticket will include on the ticket
  • For additional baggage, you have to pay extra money
  • For reserved infants, one bag is allowed of 23kgs or 50lbs. The size should 62 inches.

These are the standard policy of LIAT that is quite satisfactory. LIAT airlines also have a sporting board acceptance policy. Two bags of 72 inches are allowed and the cost will be $80 per bag. If the weight is more than 23kg or 50lbs one then you have to bear the overweight charges.

These additional charges can be made at the airport. Make sure the sporting bags are properly packed. In case of any damage, airlines are not responsible. However, this is applicable only for the sporting bags.

Cancellation Policy of LIAT Airlines

Cancellation of the booked ticket is a trouble free process. And one can do this by visiting the official site of the LIAT and click on the “Manage My Bookings” option. But, you should know the cancellation policies, so that you do not have to face any problems.

  • The ticket can be canceled under the 24-hour policy. If you cancel the ticket 24 hours before the departure, then you can get the full refund.
  • Have a refundable ticket? If you have purchased the refundable ticket, then you are eligible for the full refund.
  • Cancel the ticket on your own? If you have canceled the ticket just before the departure, then you are not eligible for the refund. But, if the cancellation or delay is from the airline's side, then you can ask for a refund.

In the case of delaying of flight, it is better to let the airlines to change the itinerary because, in this way, you can get the full money back. However, LIAT airlines flight bookings give you vouchers or points that can help you to book future tickets at affordable prices.


Q1: Can I ask for a refund on my non-refundable ticket?

It depends on the situation or circumstances. Sometimes, the flight gets canceled due to poor weather or some technical glitch. In that situation, you can get the full money back and that should be done quickly. If you have to cancel the ticket by own, then you are not eligible for reimbursement.

Q2: How can I cancel my booked ticket?

LIAT provides you a comfortable way to manage the bookings. You can do the cancellation process online or by application. Just go to manage my bookings option and provide the necessary details. Once you complete this, then you can cancel the booked ticket and will receive the refund money within certain days (if applicable).



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