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Silver Airways Flight Booking

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Silver Airways is a regional airline of the Unites States with its headquartering functioning in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The company is owned by a Philadelphia-based private equity investment firm, Versa Capital Management LLC. The airway organizes around 100 flights back and forth between the Florida and the Bahamas. It is also a code share partner with Delta, Avianca, Copa Airlines, United Airlines and JetBlue. In addition to this, it is also an official member of Star Alliance and has flights to 18 domestic locations in Florida, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Virginia and West Virginia. Plus Silver is also the largest US carrier operating in the region of Bahamas. The extensive fleet of Silver consists of 25 Saab 340B aircraft. Following are the major hubs of the Silver Airways –

  • Fort Lauderdale–Hollywood International Airport
  • International Airport
  • Tampa International Airport.

Facilities Provided by The Silver Airways

Because of its 24 hour customer care and luxuriant facilities, Silver Airways is the top pick of many passengers and especially of those who travel frequently. The airways provided constant support to all those who are looking forward to fly with it. It does so by guiding a customer through all the complex procedures of the booking a flight. Once you are done with your Silver Airways reservations, it will assist you in all the alterations (if any) you want to make to your flight such as changing seat or cancelling tickets or changing flight or just so every other issue. Once you check in and you are on-board, you will be provided with the below mentioned services -

  1. Free and extended wifi,
  2. Fresh organic refreshments, drinks, and other amenities,
  3. Complete assistant in case of any problem,
  4. On a few selected files you will also receive pre-packed midflight or pre-arrivals items.

Silver Airways Check In Policy

After getting done with your Silver Airways booking, you might be wondering about the way you can check in and its policy. Well the airway makes sure that passengers can access and do everything with comfort. Thereof, it provides you with multiple check in options based on their customer’s convenience, likes and of course their eligibility criteria. Following are the numerous check in options –

  • Silver Airways Online check-in (Web check-in)
  • Silver Airways Self-service kiosk check-in
  • Silver Airways Mobile check-in
  • Silver Airways Ticket counter check-in at the airport

If you have booked your ticket via Silver Airways online booking and wish to check in via online method then following are your eligibility criteria –

  1. When passengers are not in the need of medical assistance,
  2. When passengers can get their confirmation with their e-ticket.

Silver Airways Baggage Policy

  1. All the check bag services will be charged per bag, per person, one way,
  2. Airways will accept the baggage of with a maximum weight of 23 kg per bag and a maximum outside dimension 157 cm per bag.
  3. One Personal Item and One personal bag are always free.
  4. A trip that consist of more than one connections, you will receive your baggage at the final destination,
  5. Due to the size of overhead bins in the aircraft certain items are prohibited.

Silver Airways Cancellation Policy

Silver offer its customers free cancellation policy. In total there are 79 e-stores that offer free cancellation of the flight. The key point it to note the type of ticket to change the flight or to simply cancel your ticket. Now in accordance with the Silver Airways cancellation policy, you need to follow a simple cancellation process. In case you are face with any sort of problem then you can contact the customer care. The policy will allow you to pay some amount if you booked a non-refundable ticket. And when you are done with the cancellation of your silver cheap flight booking, simply select the refund option to get your money back.



Q. Are baggage charges same for all the routes?

No, the charge depends on your current location and final destination.

Q. Can I bring my Walker?

Yes, walker and other mobility devices can be brought along and you will not be charge for the same.

Q. Is there a mobile board pass?

Yes, the airways can provide you with mobile board pass but only for certain locations.

Q. If I wish to change my flight when should I notify?

Anytime as per your comfort, but make sure you do so by 2 hours before the departure of the flight.



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