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Surinam Airway Flight Booking

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Surinam Airway is a South American country based airline. It is fully governed by the Surinam government. It was founded in 1953 and operation commenced in 1955. Initially, it started to link the small towns and with time they expand the airlines. Now, they are operating in both regional and international places.

Surinam was first bought from the KLM and later it was replaced with the 317-seater Airbus.

Major Hubs of Surinam Airlines

Hubs of Surinam Airline are Johan Adolf Pengel International Airport and headquartered in Paramaribo, Suriname. It covers more than 10 destinations. Countries, like Aruba, Brazil, Curacao, Georgetown, and many other countries.

If you are planning to visit any country mentioned above, and then go with Surinam airways reservations. We have discussed some top facilities that will provide strength to the decision making process.

Facilities of Surinam Airways

The hospitality of Surinam Airways is best across other airlines in South America. Flight attendants and crew members are always ready to help you and provide you the best services. However, according to the ticket’s fare, the service may vary.

We have covered two sections.

  1. Economy Class  
  2. Business Class

Economy class

1. Mouthwatering food and refreshments
2. Get special meals

  • Vegetarian
  • Social-cultural foods
  • Diabetic food packages

In build entertainment system

4. Offer Sabaku (in-flight books and amazing magazine)
5. Leather seat and proffer extreme space for the legs

Business Class

The B-class facility is a mixture of three things:

  • Comfort
  • Isolation room
  • Personal attention

If we talk about the facility, then it is best as compare to other classes.

  • Tasty food with high presentation
  • Blue box entertainment tablet
  • Business-class unique check-in counters
  • Provide Surinam airways booking facility
  • Baggage retrieval facility

Surinam Airways Check-in Procedure

If you are first time traveling by airplane, then you should know about the Check-in process. First of all, it is mandatory to get a boarding pass. The Check-in process varies from class to class and depends on the ticket’s fare.

  • For economy class, check-in initiates at 3 hours and end 1 hour before the departure. 
  • For business class, check-in starts 90 minutes before the departure.
  • Surinam Airways offer an online check-in service too. With this web check-in, one can skip the long queue of check-in and save a lot of time.

For online check-in follow the below-mentioned steps:

  1. Visit the official site of Surinam Airways
  2. Press on the web check-in option
  3. Provide the necessary details, like a ticket or PNR number and last name.
  4. Once you are done with the process, you will receive the boarding pass at the registered email.

The Baggage Policy of Surinam Airways

Customers are not allowed to carry more than fixed luggage. There are some rules and policies regarding them.

There are two baggage policies:

1. Carry-on baggage

  • For regional flights, you cannot carry more than one piece. For economy class and business class, the weight should not be more than 5kg and 10kg respectively, and the dimension must be equal to 115cm.
  • For intercontinental ones, one piece of bag is allowed for economy class and two for business class, and the dimension should be 115cm and weight should not more than 10Kg. If you carry more than that, then you have to pay additional charges.

2. Checked baggage

  • For regional flights, an economy class person can carry one piece of the bag with dimensions should be 158cm. And weight should be 23Kg. In business, you can carry two bags with similar dimensions.
  • For intercontinental ones, for economy class, 1 piece 25kg is allowed with 158 cm in length. For business class, the weight could be 32kg and the length should 158cm.

Cancellation Policy of Surinam Airways

The ticket should be canceled before 24-hours of the flight departure.

  1. The unexpired ticket is eligible for refunds.
  2. The process to cancel the booked
  3. Visit the official site of Surinam Airways
  4. Click on the manage by booking options
  5. Cancel the ticket and apply for the refunds

If you cancel the ticket at the last minute, then you might not receive any kind of funds.



Q1: what is the process to get an unaccompanied minor on flights?

  • Parent or guardian has to sign a paper
  • Copy of the guardian and parents’ passport and national ID card is required


Q2: Is there any WiFi connectivity available in Surinam airways?

No, there is no WiFi connectivity in Surinam. However, you may get this facility in premium classes.



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