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Tiara Air Flight Booking

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It becomes bread and butter when airlines help the flyer to book everything from hotel rooms to cab services. There are hundreds of airline firms and choose any one of them after intense research costs time.

If you are looking for an airline that can give you a complete and cost-effective package, then Tiara Airline is the right choice. It is the Caribbean airline that is serving for more than a decade and every week thousands of passengers fly with Tiara Airlines.

Major Hubs of Tiara Airline

Key hubs of Tiara Airline are Aruba and Queen Beatrix international airport. It covers many cities, like Armenia, Caracas, Riohacha, Medellin, and Miami. Hubs may seem less in the numbers but Tiara is almost cover most of the part.

When you proceed with Tiara Air booking, you can search for the place. There you can choose the round trip or a single way trip. Single way trip may cost you high as compared to the round trip. But, it depends on the condition and motive behind the trip.

Before you confirm your trip, you must be cognizant of the facility, baggage policy, and cancellation policy.

The Facility of Tiara Airline

Tiara is known for its unique facilities. Some of them have been discussed below.

  • Online check-in provision: Check-in at the airport is a bit troublesome and time-consuming. But, one cannot ignore this process as it is mandatory to get a boarding pass. To save your time and money, Tiara provides an online check-in service.

However, it cannot be performed during the tiara air flight ticket booking. The process of online check-in can be executed 4 hours before the flight departure.

  • Highly optimized mobile application: Things like booking, managing trips become easy when you have an application. Quick response systems that make the process fast and let you know about the latest offers.
  • Instant services: On based on the ticket’s fare, you can unbox multiple things, like a quick security check, get the favorite seat on the flight.
  • The airline meal: Food and beverages are available to all types of flyers. Food may vary from one class to another.
  • Offer amenity kit: If you have booked a luxurious ticket, then you will get a kit with all personal care items. You can use them while traveling and uplift your experience.
  • Proffer the suite experience: It is better to call seat a suite, yes! The reason is extra space seat and seat that can be converted into a small bed. If you have booked a flight for the long route, then this small change can make your trip more comfortable.

Baggage Policy of Tiara Airlines

With excitement, one can move to Tiara air flight reservations but before that, one should learn the baggage policies.

  • For economy class, two bags are allowed. One piece of bag should not exceed 10kg and another 23Kg.
  • For business class, two bags are allowed. Each bag should not weight more than 32Kg.
  • For silver and gold members, three pieces of luggage are allowed. Third luggage’s weight and size depends on the fares.
  • For entry-level Tahia members, one bag is allowed. For the second bag, they have to pay the additional amount.

Cancellation Policy of Tiara Airlines

Canceling the booked ticket is not a big task, but one should know the policy to get full refunds. Cancellation relies on these two factors:

  • Voluntarily cancellation or self-made choice
  • Involuntarily cancellation or airline choice


* Voluntarily cancellation

  1. Cancellation should be done 24-hours before the flying.
  2. Canceling a few hours before the flying may introduce some charges.
  3. For domestic flights, you will not receive any refund money.


* Involuntarily Cancellation

  1. Sudden technical glitch
  2. Poor weather condition
  3. Wind condition

If the cancellation is made by the airline's side, then you are 100% eligible for the funds.

It is detailed information about Tiara’s policy. And, if you finalize the trip, then do not forget to go with tiara air cheap flight booking.


Q1: Are there any perks I received if I do the direct booking with Airlines?

Yes, you can receive benefits, such as credits or miles, and cut down the cost of the tickets.


Q2: Can I upgrade my seat with Tiara's booking?

Managing to book with Tiara is very promising. You can go to the “manage my booking” option and upgrade the seat. Though, you have to pay the difference between the new ticket and the previous ticket’s price.


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