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Winair Airlines Flight Booking

Book Winair Airlines Flight Tickets Online with Quickcaribbean

Want to get the best ride for travelling? If your answer is Yes, then without thinking for another second you should book the Winair Airline flight ticket. With this, you can explore the beauty of the Caribbean as well as the other popular places. However, some people use this airline to accomplish the task(s) related to their business.

You can easily make the Winair Airline Flight Booking that is available via online portal or by contacting its support team. However, the online booking method is preferred by the majority of the travelers.

You can easily manage your booking after completing the reservation for augmenting your pre-board as well as on-board experience.

Major Hubs of Winair Airline

Often travelers are confused between the every airport and the hubs that are selected for a special purpose. However, Winair Airline has some special leverages which it provides and one such thing is the connecting flight service.

In this situation, every plane needs to take a short or permanent stay on the Hubs that are used to connect one flight route to another. When you make such Winair Airline Booking, then you can enjoy the service of Major Hubs that are mentioned below:

  • Princess Juliana International Airport at Caribbean Islands.
  • Douglas–Charles Airport, Dominica.
  • Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport, Puerto Rico.

Facilities Provided by Winair Airline

There are various facilities which are provided to all the travellers who make the Winair Airline Flight Booking. They can enjoy the leverage before and during their travel through the airline. The some major facilities are listed below:

  • It is possible to reserve the flight ticket online by using a booking portal.
  • The facility of the online as well as offline check-in is provided.
  • You can enjoy certain privileges given for the baggage policy and allowance.
  • The general inquiries and flight reservation support is also provided to all the customers.
  • Sit and relax on the seat which reclines to provide you with complete comfort.
  • Enjoy the delicious meals served on-board to all the travellers.

Winair Airlines Check-In Policy

After making the reservation in the Winair Airline for its flight, you can enjoy your trip by making the advance check-in. Here, you are required to use the relevant rules for completing the check-in.

  • You can complete the check-in for your Winair Airline Booking online by using its website.
  • It is mandatory for any user to keep the PNR or Booking Reference handy for finishing your reservation.
  • You can make the online booking 24 hours before the departure time of your flight.
  • It is also possible to check-in by using the offline method on the airport at the assigned counter.
  • The offline check-in time for your Winair Airline seat reservation is 90 minutes before departure and you should respect this by presenting on the boarding gate on time.
  • If you fail to do so, then your reservation for a specific seat will be cancelled by the airlines.

Winair Airlines Baggage Policy

It is also mandatory to know the baggage policy of Winair Airlines to know what to take and what not for your reservation. Here, you should abide by these rules related to the flight baggage.

Cabin Luggage. This rule is applicable to all the carry-on luggage for your Winair Airline Flight Ticket Booking. As per this rule, a passenger can carry a luggage of maximum weight of 3 KG for Twin-otter aircraft and 7 KG on bigger planes.

Main Baggage. The passenger can get one free baggage allowance which has a maximum weight of 23 KG. However, the Maximum dimension including L+W+H is 62 inches.

Special Baggage. If you are travelling in your Winair Airline Flight Ticket Booking with some special luggage such as Musical Instruments, Golf Equipment, Bicycle or Surfboard, then you should have to follow some special rules.

Excess Baggage. It is only permitted that each passenger can have 1 personal, 1 check-in and 1 carry-on item during the flight. For an extra item, you need to pay the additional charges whose charge goes up to $90.

Pay the penalty for the overweight baggage for your Winair Airline Flight Booking which differs according to the fare rules.

Winair Airlines Cancellation Policy

After making the reservation in the Winair Airline for its flight, you can enjoy your trip with the flight cancellation policy framed by the airlines. Here, you can use the relevant rules for completing the flight cancellation.

  • Those who book their ticket in the applicable fare category will be provided the full refund on the cancellation of the Winair Airline Booking.
  • If you do not pay the ticketing fees in the specified time limit, then your booking can be cancelled.
  • In case you fail to show yourself at the departure gate on the scheduled time, then your reservation for a specific seat will be cancelled by the airlines.
  • If the flight is cancelled by the Winair Airlines due to any reason causing inconvenience to the customer, full refund will be provided for the unused ticket portion.



Question. Can I book the flight ticket for my pet or children?

Answer. Yes, you can book the flight for your pet or children online or by contacting customer support.

Question. If I book the flight for my pet, then do I need to bring a carrier?

Answer. Yes, you need to bring a carrier of 26”x24”x36” for travelling with the pet.

Question. How can I request special assistance?

Answer. You can do this by contacting our expert customer support team.

Question. In which form will I get the refund of my booking?

Answer. You can get the refund in the same form used in booking.

Question. Can I book the flight ticket for the infant?

Answer. Yes, you can do this at 10% less cost than a normal ticket.


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