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Enterprise - Book a Car on Rent with Cheap Car Rental Deals

Enterprise Rent-A-Car is a car rental company based in Clayton, Missouri, in the Greater St. Louis area of the United States. In almost every major holiday destination, Enterprise Rent-A-Car has the best rates and a wide selection of vehicles. 

What documents do I need to rent from Enterprise?

When you book a rental car, you must provide certain documents, and Enterprise Rent-A-Car is no exception. Are you wondering that what documents do I need to rent from Enterprise? In that case, you can learn about the documents that you must provide while booking a rental car with the Enterprise from below.

  •  A driver's license that has been in your possession for at least one year is required

  •  A valid identification proof, such as a passport, etc. is required.

  •  Credit card with an expiry date that is at least three months after your car's return date

How can I save money at Enterprise Rent a Car?

There are many options available to people who want to save money on a rental car booking with the Enterprise Rent-A-Car. You can get special discounts on rental cars using these methods, allowing you to pay less than the original amount. You can learn how to save money on your Enterprise Car Rental booking from below.

  1. You can book a rental car as soon as possible to save money by spending less in comparison to paying more money later.

  2. In many cases, booking a car rental at the airport is more expensive, as many cities have incorporated surcharges, so you can avoid it if you want to save money.

  3. Pay for your rental car in full with a credit card that includes primary insurance coverage, since there are a number of such cards available, helping you to avoid the most costly expense, which is usually insurance.

  4. By going to a website that offers deals and offers, you can look for discounts and online coupons that can help you save money while booking a car rental.

  5. Packages and bundles are intended to save you money because they can include a free rental car, which is not necessarily the face value but is still a nice deal.

  6.  Obtain a membership for any company in which you can save a lot of money while booking a rental car that they offer to their customers as a way of demonstrating their loyalty.

  7. If you are renting a car with your family and may need a child car seat, it is recommended that you carry your own which helps to save money while booking with Enterprise.

Does Enterprise have any discounts?

Enterprise provides exclusive discounts throughout the year in addition to some of the most favorable prices in the sector. Anyone who wants to book a car rental with Enterprise and wants to know if they have any discounts should look at the information provided below.

  • Yes, Enterprise discount coupons for at least 10% off on the car rental fees are always available.

  • You can also find Enterprise discount coupons for weekend discounts, rental upgrades, and other deals.

  • The Enterprise also has weekend offers where you can find car rental deals for several of your favorite destinations on a specific day of the week.

  • You can also get discounts through Enterprise's Drive schemes, which include an exclusive incentive to people who rent a vehicle with them.

  • Enterprise Plus members get an e-mail with a special discount for renting a car, and they can opt-in to receive email extras at any time.

Does Enterprise require a deposit?

The response is yes, you must pay a security deposit to Enterprise in order to book a car rental with them. You can find out how much deposit you should pay to Enterprise for a car rental by reading the points below.

  1.  Enterprise requires full payment of the rental at the time of pick-up, as well as a minimum deposit of $100 to $300, dependent on the location.

  2.  Enterprise will refund your security deposit via check for cash payments, which you can collect in the mail or pick up from the rental site.

How long can I rent a car from Enterprise?

Many people want to know how long they can hire a car from Enterprise as they go for an extended trip to someplace. If you want to know how long you can book a car rental with Enterprise, you can obtain the detailed info you need below.

  • You can rent a car from Enterprise for 30 days or much longer by using their car subscription service for a long-term car rental.

  • When you choose Enterprise's long-term rental program, you can rent a vehicle for the as long or as little duration as you would like.

How much does Enterprise cost per day?

The cost of the car depends on the class, but the average price is approximately $20.oo per day and can be higher or lower based on the rental location. 

Where is the Enterprise main office?

Enterprise's main office is situated in St. Louis, Missouri, United States. 

What is an Enterprise plus number?

If you need assistance regarding Enterprise plus, you can get in touch with the customer service team by calling on 1-866-507-6222 and solve your problem. Customer support is always available to guide you about Enterprise plus.


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