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Book a Car on Rent with Sixt and Get Cheap Car Rental Deals

Sixt Car Rental is one of the popular car rental service providers in the world. Headquartered in Pullach, Munich, Germany. The Sixt car rental provider has been operating its services in more than 110 countries. One can easily book their car rental on Sixt and enjoy great benefits on their bookings.  However, if you have already made your bookings on Sixt, and wish to know more about its booking management, pre-deposits, reservations hold, cancellations, etc. then read further.

Manage Sixt car rental booking

  • Visit the official website of Sixt SE car rental in your web browser, then scroll to the Menu icon on the top-left.

  • Now, select the Manage Active Rental option under the Your Bookings section, then choose an option to fetch details of your car rental booking.

  • However, it is recommended to enter the Reservation ID and the Security Code in their respective fields.

  • Click Continue to fetch the booking details, and then you can follow through the onscreen instructions to manage your booking (cancellations, rebooking, payament, etc.) on Sixt SE.

Moreover, if you still need any assitnace on managing your sixt car rental reservation, then contact the live experts on Sixt customer services and get proper help.

Can you cancel Sixt booking?

Wondering, Can you cancel Sixt booking? Well, Sixt lets you cancel your bookings without any hassle. You can cancel your bookings via both online and customer services. However, if you wish to cancel your bookings online, then here’s how you can do this.

  1. Visit the Sixt SE Car rental official website in your web browser, then navigate to the 3-horizontal bar (Menu icon) on the top left.

  2. Now, Select Cancel Upcoming Option from the Your Bookings section, and then choose a login option to fetch your booking details. You can enter the Reservation ID & Security Code in their respective sections, and then select Continue to fetch the booking details.

  3. Hereafter, follow through the onscreen instructions to cancel your bookings.

Does Sixt car rental require a deposit?

Are you thinking, Does Sixt car rental require a deposit? Well, Sixt requires you to deposit a minimum of $200 along with the due amount for the rental that will be taken as authorization against the payment methods that was used. This is done for the security purposes, and if you are booking your Sixt SE car rental via using the debit card, then you’ll be payable for the $200 + the cost of car rental as the pre-deposit amount.

Does Sixt let you choose your car?

One can use the Sixt Fastlane services to pick their desired car on Sixt. Here’s how.

  •  Download and install the Sixt Fastlane mobile application, then open it.

  •  Now, choose your desired car from the app, then visit the car rental outlet.

  •  Next, open your car via using the app, and then you can find its keys in the glove compartment.

Can I extend my car rental with Sixt?

Are you thinking, Can I extend my car rental with Sixt? Well, Sixt lets you extend your car rental for up to five additional days. However, if you need an extension for more than five days, then you will have to make a new reservation as well as the rental agreement. To do this, you can connect with the Sixt customer services team.

Can you be late to pick up a rental car Sixt?

Sixt charges its pick-up charges on the basis of 24hr block for 1 day. In case, if you pick up your vehicle later, then you can return it in the same time as the pick-up. This will be non-chargeable, and the Sixt’s system recognizes the billing day as a 24-hr day.

How long does Sixt hold your reservation?

Sixt holds the reservation 60 minutes starting from the actual flight’s landing. However, if the flight number was not mentioned while booking, then the regular waiting time of 15 minutes is applicable regardless of the actual flight’s arrival time. Also, Sixt hold the reservations 10 minutes from the agreed pick-up time. For more info on How long does Sixt hold your reservation? Kindly reach out to the Sixt customer support team.

Does Sixt Car Rental have free cancellation?

If you have made your sixt car rental reservation with pay later option, then no charge will be chargeable to cancel or make changes to the reservation.

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