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Book a Car on Rent with Thrifty Cheap Car Rental Deals

Thrifty Car Rental is a division of The Hertz Corporation. Thrifty Car Rental, headquartered in Estero, Florida, is one of the world's largest car rental firms. The company was founded 63 years ago, in 1958 and has expanded gradually throughout the years. They provide the best rates and a big range of rental cars in almost every major tourist destination. 

What documents do I need to rent from Thrifty?

For a rental car booking with Thrifty, you must provide particular documentation that must be presented in any and all situations. Have you had questions regarding what documents do I need to rent from Thrifty? In that case, the details below will inform you what documentation you'll need to rent a car with Thrifty.

  • A valid driver's license must be shown at the time of car rental booking by the renter.

  • A valid credit or debit card in the name of renter with available funds, or credit limit must be shown.

Does Thrifty Car Rental require deposit?

In such case, reading the points below will give you with the right information on whether you must submit a security deposit while renting a car with Thrifty.

  1. When you reserve your car rental with Thrifty, you must pay a deposit that is put on your credit card after your reservation is complete.

  2. You will be asked to pay the excess deposit or any other rental fees that may arise by Thrifty car rental at the time of picking up your vehicle.

How much is Thrifty Car Rental deposit?

You require to deposit a security in order to arrange a rental car with Thrifty. Do you need to know that how much is Thrifty Car Rental deposit? If so, you can determine how much security deposit you need pay to Thrifty car rental, by reading the criteria below.

  • Thrifty charges $200 on a credit card as a car rental deposit to cover any unexpected expenditures.

  • On the other hand, the cost of car rental deposit is $500 on a debit card.

How long does Thrifty refund?

You can get the refund for your deposit from Thrifty once you return your car in perfect condition within the time period indicated below.

  1. Thrifty takes between 5 and 10 days to process your security deposit refund.

  2. After that, the refund money will appear in your account, depending on your bank or credit card issuer.

Does Thrifty put a hold on your credit card?

In that situation, going through the points below will provide the accurate information regarding whether or not Thrifty places a hold on your credit card.

  • Thrifty puts a hold on a credit card with a cost estimate of up to $200 that is used to reserve a car rental with them.

  • Whereas on the debit card Thrifty puts a hold of around $500.

How do I extend my Thrifty rental car?

Thrifty allows to extend a car rental if you have particular conditions that must be satisfied, and you may apply for that online or you call their help desk. For learning how to extend Thrifty car rental central reservations, please follow the procedure outlined below.

  1. To get started, call 1-877-283-0898 and speak with the Thrifty car on-rent Help Desk

  2. Following that, you must provide both your confirmation number and your last name

  3. Finally, you must inform about the date that you intend to extend your car rental and pay for it.

How do I contact Thrifty Car Rental?

If you have any questions about renting a car, you may contact Thrifty's customer support, which is reachable in a variety of ways. From the list below, you can learn about the many options you may use to contact Thrifty car rental to discuss any issues.

  • You can contact Thrifty by phone at 1-800-334-1705 and ask for any query. By calling the customer service number you can get in touch with a live representative and talk about your query for a quick answer.

  • You also could seek assistance from Thrifty’s Car customer service by completing and submitting an online form with the details of your concerns.

  • You may also contact Thrifty Car Rental's customer service department by emailing to their approved account by describing your problem or inquiry on it.

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