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Must-visit places in Havana and tips to book the Havana packages

Havana is the capital of Cuba. You can visit Havana and feel a different world altogether. You are going to love the local food and the culture of this place. You can visit the various places in Havana to make your travel memorable. Some of the places that you must visit in Havana are listed below:

Malecon : Malecon is the sea wall and also the road on the coast which is 8 kilometers in length.

El Capitolio : This is one of the top-visited places in Havana. El Capitolio is the National capitol building and also a public edifice.

Old Havana : Old Havana is the city center of Havana and has the cores of the original Havana city. This is the second most populated place in the Havana.

Museum of the revolution : This museum was built in 1920 which is located in the old Havana sections of Havana and exhibits the history of the nation.

La Cabana : La Cabana is a fort in Havana located at the top of a 200 feet hill along with the Morro Castle.

Along with the forts, museums, and sightseeing, there is a lot to do in Havana. If you want to book Havana packages which include the Airfare, accommodation, Airport pick and drop, car rental, sight-seeing, and food you can look for online options to get the best deals.

Before you get the booking of your package done through an agency, you should always check for the reviews by the travelers about the agency through which you are getting the bookings done.

Always check the reviews of the people who recently visited the place on the travel review websites.

Ultimately if you have decided to spend your vacations in Havana this year, you are going to have fun and learn so much and experience a new lifestyle.