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Allegiant air always works with every situation of the passengers and believes in providing satisfactory services. There are situations when you need the higher class to travel to the preferred destination. In this case, you can do the Allegiant Air seat upgrade to have the best travel experience in the below-mentioned steps:

Seat upgrade process on Allegiant Air

  1. To start the process, you need to first open the Allegiant air official website on any browser of your device. https://www.allegiantair.com/

  2. Then, you need to select the Manage travel button given at the top of the website.

  3. To upgrade the seat, you need to enter the first and last names with the confirmation code and tap on the find my trip button.

  4. With this, you will see the reservation details with Allegiant air on the new page.

  5. From that, you need to choose the flight you want to upgrade the seat and tap on the seat upgrade button.

  6. After that, you need to choose the higher class you want to board the flight and select the location of the seat from the given seat map.

  7. Once you select the confirm button, you will proceed to the next page, where you need to make the payment and complete the process.

  8. At last, Allegiant air will send you the confirmation message regarding the seat upgrade and send you the new e-ticket.

How much does it cost to upgrade a seat on Allegiant?

Once you upgrade a seat with Allegiant air, you need to pay the charges that will vary between 7-21 dollars. The actual Allegiant air seat upgrade cost will be calculated per the type of row you choose and the travel class. You will see the actual charges at the time of the seat upgrade that you need to pay to confirm the reservation.

Allegiant Air seat upgrade policy

To choose the seat upgrade and travel in the higher class, you need to understand the terms and conditions for the upgrade. Hence points related to Allegiant air seat upgrade policy are mentioned below:

  • Once you proceed to upgrade the travel seat within 24 hours of the purchase, you don’t need to pay any fees. But you must have purchased the ticket seven days ahead of the departure.

  • If you upgrade the seat after 24 hours, you need to pay the charges or fees that will calculate as per the travel class you are choosing, seat location, and time remain for the departure.

  • The seat upgrade will be offered as per the availability of seats and routes at the time of check-in.

  • You can upgrade the seat from lower to the higher travel class only.

  • The seat upgrade will only be possible for the flights operated by Allegiant air, and if you have purchased the allegiant flight ticket with online travel agencies, you need to connect with them to choose the higher travel class.

  • Seat assignments will not be changed after getting the boarding pass or at the airport.

Does Allegiant have premium seats?

Allegiant is offering a new type of seat that is giant seats. In this, you will enjoy the new feeling of comfort in premium seats while flying to the preferred destination. These are more accessible on long-haul flights as you can purchase them at affordable rates. 

Does Allegiant have first-class seats?

Allegiant does not offer first-class seats and provides the Allegiant extra seat for comfort travel. If you have to relax more, you can purchase the two seats of an economy with Allegiant air.

Does Allegiant have a premium economy?

Allegiant provides the economy class to travel to the preferred destination. In this, you will obtain premium services like extra legroom and standard seating for all the passengers.

Should I pay for a seat assignment on Allegiant?

Once you proceed to check in the flight, you will be assigned a seat by the Allegiant air online system at no cost. You can easily view the assigned seat and do the upgrades if needed. 

For further information regarding upgrading seats on Allegiant Air, you can also speak with a customer representative by dialing toll-free 1 (702) 505-8888 and ask your all flight-related issues 24 hours. Allegiant Air live person always available for passenger's help.