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Are Plane Tickets More Expensive On Weekends?

Flight’s price may wonder you every time. You must have experienced a scenario where the fare in the evening is much higher than morning or vice versa. Most of the traveler or first-time flyer gets confused while purchasing the ticket. 

Is it more expensive to buy airline tickets on the weekend? It is the most commonly asked question. There are many factors too in which it depends. We have covered them below.

Timing of Purchasing

If you are purchasing tickets in the morning or early morning, then you might have to bear a large fare. But during midnights or afternoon, the ticket’s price goes down. 

Travel Dates 

Not every weekend provide expensive tickets. It depends on the travel dates too. If you are choosing month end, then the price will be low as compared to the initial days of the month.

Festive Season  

If there is any kind of festival near to the weekends or that week, then the cost will be high. However, in many cases, you can manage the cost with some offers if available. 

Availability of Seats 

It might happen, that flight is booked or has some seats free. And if the demand is high, then even on weekdays, the cost of the ticket may get high. In the opposite situation, the fare may go comparatively down. 

Seat You Book 

In-flight, the price for the window and the middle seat is not the same. If you choose the window seat then the cost may vary as compare. It depends both on the weekdays and weekends. 

Now, you can see the factor that shows why plane tickets more expensive on weekends. You can also connect with the live person and know more about it.