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Want to change your Aeromexico flight date? Sudden change in plan is not a new concept; your work, health, personal life, etc., anything can be the reason. So if you wish to know how Aeromexico policies work when it comes to flight change, you should read the following lines.

The process to change the Aeromexico flight date

Every airline provides its passengers with the option to change the flight specifications as per their needs. Aexmexio is not behind this feature. If you wish to change the Aeromexico flight date, then you can start things by going to the Aeromexico official website.

  1. First, you must open the Aeromexico Airlines official website. https://aeromexico.com/en-us

  2. After that log in to your account.

  3. You should open the Aeromexico "My Trip" tab.

  4. Now enter the "Reservation or ticket number" and "Last Name" and click on the proceed button.

  5. Here you will see the "Customize" option; click on it to open it.

  6. Now you have the liberty to make changes as per your needs. Pick the "Change your Flight" option from the list of options provided.

  7. Now you need to enter the date you wish to change your flight date to.

  8. It is possible you might not get the same flight for the new date; in this case, the airline will give you a list of options available. Select the fight as per your need.

  9. After this, you only need to make the payment, and you are set.

The Aeromexico change flight online option is simple and easy and will not take much of your time. For further information, passengers can easily speak with a customer service representative by dialing toll-free 1 (800) 237-6639  and these people will be ready to help them 24/7.

How much does it cost to change a flight in Aeromexico?

  • The passengers are allowed to change their Aeromexico flight for free up to 24 hours from the booking time. This means the passengers have a right to change flight specifications for free up to 24 hours after their flight has been booked and confirmed.

  • After the 24 hours is over, if you have booked a domestic flight, you will pay $200 for the flight change, and in case you were to fly on an international flight, the airlines will charge $400 per head.

  • If your flight falls under the AM+ category, the airlines will charge $300 per head for making changes.

  • The imposed Aeromexico change flight fee is $300 for classic tickets.

Aeromexico flight change policy

Policies are the key factors that decide whether you will get the option to change the flight date for free or will you pay for this service. Passengers get plenty of benefits from policies. If passengers become familiar with the policies, they can take advantage of them to get better offers, make changes, and cancel for free. These policies are helpful for both the airlines and the passengers. Here is a concise description of the policies Aeromexico follows that can be beneficial for you if you need to change the date of your flight.

  • Aeromexico provides the service of changing the date, time, and other specifications for free to the passengers who decide to make these changes within 24 hours of booking the Aeromexico flight.

  • As per the Aeromexico change flight date policies, only those passengers are allowed to avail of the modification services who:

  1. Used USD or MXN to complete the purchase.
  2. The passenger used a credit card, debit card, or UTAP to complete the Aeromexico flight booking.
  3. No un-listed third party was involved in the flight booking. It means you booked the flight through the official website, through the ticketing booth at the airport, you used the app for making the reservation, or you took the help of a customer care executive to complete the process. 
  • If you don't fall under these categories, unfortunately, you are not eligible to change your flight specifications. 

The Aeromexico flight change policy states that passengers who have a confirmed ticket booking with them are the only ones allowed to make changes to the flight. This means that even if you have made the reservation and did not receive a ticket confirmation mail from the airline, you can not make the change as your flight is not officially booked yet.