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Sometimes the passenger is not confirmed about their plans or due to some force reasons like health issues, weather issues they want to change the flight date and times. All airlines provide a change flight option to give additional benefit to their passengers as they can make the bookings according to their plans. If the passenger travels by the Air New Zealand airlines, they can avail many benefits and get many offers and deals on their bookings. Air New Zealand also allows the passenger to reschedule the booking, and if you want to know detailed information about changing the Air New Zealand flight, you need to read below.

How do I change a flight on Air New Zealand?

The procedure you must follow for the air new Zealand change flight is mentioned below.

  • Visit the official Air New Zealand website in your search browser.

  • Following this, open the manage bookings section.

  • Next, mention the last name of the passenger and PNR number in the given space.

  • Now that your bookings are open, you must select the flight you want to change.

  • Following this, you need to open the change flight tab and mention the reason for the flight change.

  • Further, you have to select the new flight from the available options and then save the changes.

  • Now, if any charges are available, pay them with a card or other online modes, and then you will get a confirmation message of the flight changing on the mentioned contact details.

How much does it cost to change Air NZ flights?

The amount passengers need to pay will be according to the flight route. If the passenger travels to any domestic destination, they must pay between 50USD to 70USD as an air new Zealand change flight fee. If they go to any international destination, they will have to pay between 80USD and to 100USD.

What is the Air New Zealand flight change policy?

  • Information about air new Zealand change flight policy is essential for those passengers who are changing the flight as it will give you information about whether you have to pay any charges or not.

  • According to Air New Zealand policy, if the passenger makes the changes within 24 hours of booking, they will not need to pay charges.

  • If the passenger does the changes after the free window, then the charges are applicable and depend upon the date of making changes and the time left on the boarding date.

  • If the flight is delayed for more than 5 hours or canceled on the boarding date, passengers can change the flight without paying any charges, and they will also be liable to get complete care at the airport.

  • In case of any medical emergency happens with the passenger after making the reservation and the time left on the boarding date is less than 15 days, in that case, they will need to show the medical certificate, and they can change the flight without paying any charges. 

  • If the passenger booked the flight using any miles, deals or offers, they would need to pay a few charges to change the flight. 

  • If the passenger books the flight through any deals and offers, then, in that case, they will need to contact them to make changes to the flight.

Air New Zealand change the flight date

Passengers will get the option to change the dates of the flight, and they can do it by the online process. This process starts with visiting the official website of Air New Zealand airlines, clicking on the manage bookings, mentioning the details, opening the reservation, and making the date changes. If the passenger is changing the date for the first time, then it is better to contact the representative and tell them to make changes to the date of the flight. The passenger needs to visit the website of Air New Zealand and open the section or contact us. Then a new page will open where passengers can see a number they have to call on it and connect with the representative. 

The above statements will give you information about the Air New Zealand change flight date. Still, suppose if your concern remains unsolved, then you can also contact the Air New Zealand representatives by dialing 1 (800) 262-1234, they will guide you in the best way.