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You can change your flight date in Lufthansa online as well as via call both options are available. By using these methods you can change your flight date easily. Here are a few steps to change Lufthansa change flight date online-

The process to change the ticket date on Lufthansa

  • Go to the official website of Lufthansa Airlines. https://www.lufthansa.com/

  • On the right-hand top side there you will have the "book and manage" option click on it. https://www.lufthansa.com/ao/en/book-and-manage/view-and-amend-flight-details

  • After clicking on that option you will have three different options booking code, Lufthansa id and mile, and more.

  • In the booking code, you will have to mention your booking code, first name, and last name. and in the Lufthansa id, you will mention your official id of Lufthansa and in the third option, you have o mention your id or number and pin.

  • Select the change date option. 

  • From there you can change the flight date. After that enter your new flight date. So by this, you will have your date change in Lufthansa.

How much does it cost to change the date of a flight to Lufthansa?

If you change flight date in Lufthansa airlines that will cost you around 150 USD and it may vary from ticket to ticket that you have booked or the class that you are traveling with depending on your fare you will be charged. Not only change in date is charged But Lufthansa's change flight fee is also charged which may be between 100 -400 USD. So Lufthansa charges you if you are making any changes. So now you can change this by giving the fare that is prescribed the Lufthansa airlines.

Lufthansa flight change policy

  • There is a risk-free time of 24 hours. In that period, you can change your flight free of charge. In this period, if you change anything then you can be exempt from any kind of extra fee.

  • If you are traveling after 24 hours then you have to pay the flight change cost according to its policy. Any changes that make after than will cost you depending upon the nature of the change that you are making.

  • If you are having any medical necessary then also you can change the flight. But there may be some charges for that you can contact to customer service.

  • If the flight got canceled by the airline authority then also you can change the flight and that change in flight may not be charged 

  • If you are making any change request within 30 minutes of departure then you can lose your ticket fare.

  • Your flight change fare charge will depend upon the ticket that you are having. Such as economy or business class. Depending upon that.

  • Your flight can be rescheduled for free if you are traveling within the US or you are boarding from the US.

Hence, Lufthansa has a policy that may cost you if you are changing anything after the risk-free time. You can also change the ticket date Lufthansa by the manage booking. Your ticket will be reissued in case you change your ticket date. If you are still facing any difficulties regarding the Lufthansa flight change, you can also speak to the customer service person by dialing toll-free at 1 (800) 645-3880 they will guide you to the best.