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Ways to change the name on Spirit flight ticket and name correction policy

Suppose you have entered the wrong details while booking your flight with Spirit Airlines. In that case, you should change your name on the ticket as it will create a problem for you later when you board the flight. It is also possible that you might not board the flight if the Airline finds the wrong details while verifying your information. 

To know how to change the passenger name on a Spirit flight ticket, follow the mentioned ways by which you can make changes to your name:

Via Manage Booking

You can easily change the name on spirit tickets through the airline's official website from your mobile. To make an instant change in your name, follow the below steps:

The process to change the passenger name on a Spirit flight ticket

  • Go to the official website of the Airline https://www.spirit.com/ or open the mobile app.
  • Click on the "My trips" option.
  • Enter your "Ticket number" and "Last name."
  • After that tap on the "Change information" and select the "Name Change" option.
  • Correct the information up to 3 characters.
  • Upload a valid government document to verify the information. 
  • Pay the spirit name change fee, which is shown on the screen.
  • Then, you will receive a message on your registered mobile number or email regarding the change in your details for the flight.

By contacting the Spirit executive

You can also contact the Spirit airlines customer executive they will help you change the name on your flight ticket. Following are the steps to get an executive through a call:

Dial 1 (855) 728-3555 (Spirit toll-free number)
Choose the preferred IVR option
Press 1 for manage flight booking
Press 2 to know the flight status
Press 3 to book a ticket
Press 4 to cancel your flight
Press # to get to the customer service executive
After that, you will be connected with Spirit Airlines live person, who will help you with your problem. 

How much does changing the name on a Spirit flight ticket cost?

To change the name on a flight, you should know that it might not be free of cost as for name correction. Spirit Airlines charge some amount which varies from $150 to $250. However, if you do it within 24 hours of purchasing the ticket, you can make the change for free.

What are the Spirit Airlines name change policies?

Before changing the name on your flight, you should read the Spirit name change policy and understand the Airline rules regarding the name change. Here are some points from the policy regarding name change:

  1. You can make the changes in the name for free if you do it within 24 hours of the booking.
  2. You have to pay some amount as a fee to change the name if you do it 24 hours after booking. 
  3. You can only make changes up to 3 characters in the name.
  4. If your details are found wrong while verifying, you have to pay extra charges and might not be able to board the flight. 
  5. No charges will apply if you legally change your name after booking a flight.

From the above information, you have understood how you can change your name on spirit flight, and if you still have any doubts or need help, visit the official website or contact Spirit Airlines customer service.