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A detailed guide on Turkish Airlines name change

Turkish Airlines is the national flag carrier airline for the region of Turkey that is considered to be the largest mainline carrier worldwide when measured by the number of its passenger destinations. The airline is famous for serving more flights from a single airport than any other airline providing flights from multiple airports. This is possible because of the non-stop flights provided by Turkish Airlines.

If you have a flight booking with Turkish Airlines and you made the booking in a hurry and misspelled your name, and now you are thinking about how to change your name on Turkish Airlines. Go through this article and following the points will be beneficial for you as well as learning Turkish Airlines name change policy.

Steps to change the name on a Turkish flight ticket

  • Visit the official Turkish Airlines website.

  • Locate and click on the option Plan & Book.

  • A drop-down menu will appear.

  • Click on the Check-in/ Manage Booking option under the Book & Manage section.

  • Enter your reservation number and the passenger’s surname on the following page and click on ‘Proceed.’

  • It will then showcase all the information related to your flight booking.

  • You can then click on the ‘Edit’ icon and make the necessary name corrections.

  • Do not forget to click on ‘Save & Continue’ after that and call the official support number of Turkish Airlines for the update.

For further information regarding changing the name of Turkish Airlines, you can also get in touch with Turkish Airlines customer service by dialing 1 (800) 874-8875 to get quick assistance.

Turkish Airlines Name Change Policy

  • You can make necessary name corrections on your Turkish Airlines flight ticket.

  • The changes can only be approved if you have a valid government-approved identity card that validates the corrections.

  • You’ll have to showcase the identity card at the time of making a name change/ correction request.

  • You cannot entirely change your first, middle, and last name on the Turkish Airlines flight ticket.

  • Name changes could be done instantly if you made the reservation with the help of booking your flight tickets through the official website or by calling the reservations number of Turkish Airlines.

How much do Turkish airlines charge for a name change?

Want to know Turkish Airlines name change fee, then the following points will help you get the perfect idea about the same in a hassle-free manner;

  1. A charge of 300 US dollars is levied on the name changes you wish to make on your flight ticket booking with Turkish Airlines.

  2. The amount remains the same for all the flight classes of Turkish Airlines.

Can I change the name on my Turkish airline ticket?

Well, changing and correcting your name on a flight ticket are entirely different things. Turkish Airlines doesn’t allow you to change your name and transfer your ticket to someone else; however, you can make the necessary corrections on your first, middle, and last name on your ticket with Turkish Airlines.

Do Turkish Airlines allow name changes?

Yes, Turkish Airlines does allow name changes in the corrections format. You can correct a misspelled name on your flight ticket by providing a government ID and verifying that the changes are made for a good and hassle-free flight with Turkish Airlines.