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Learn the ways to change your name on Breeze Airways and the name change policy

Most of the time, passengers book their flights from Breeze Airlines through multiple methods. But if you do it via online mode, then you should be attentive while typing names and other details. Suppose a mistake happens in your name, then you can change your name on the breeze airways ticket without any issue. Let’s see how to get through the name change procedure of Breeze Airways.

The process to change passenger name on Breeze Airways ticket

Via website:- You can change your name on breeze airways online. For this, you need to follow these necessary steps for better understanding without mistakes:-

  • Visit the official website of Breeze Airways.
  • Click on the “My Trips” tab and log in to your airline’s account.
  • Now, fill in the required columns of “Booking number” and “Last name” to open your ticket.
  • When your ticket appears on the screen, check all the available edit options and click on the “Edit Name” icon.
  • You can alter some letters of your name from the booked ticket and confirm it after submitting a government-approved document to the airline.
  • Pay the service charges if asked and get a new ticket with the correct name.

What is the Breeze Airways name change policy?

Before managing or making any changes to your name, you should know about the breeze airways name change policy that is common for every passenger. Here are some important policies; get through them ahead:-

  1. If the name printed on your passport and written on the ticket are not the same, then you can not fly with Breeze Airways; you should check every single piece of information.
  2. A government document is necessary to present while changing your name on the ticket, or if you get married, the marriage certificate is also mandatory to show at the airport.
  3. At the time of boarding the flight, your name must be identical on your ticket, government document, and passport.
  4. You are allowed to alter up to 3 letters of your name only; if you want to change the full name, then come in contact with the Breeze Airways helpline team.
  5. If you have made a booking with the help of a travel agent or the airline’s representative, you should reach them to correct your name.
  6. The name change process in the tickets is easy if purchased online or at the airport counter.

How much are the Breeze airways name change fees?

After knowing the steps and policies necessary, you must know the breeze airways name change fees in detail so you will not get confused. Check the points also:-

  • If you are making changes in your name within 24 hours of your booking, then this service is free to obtain.
  • If the alteration in your name is done after 24 hours of ticket purchase, then you will be charged the service fee of the airline.
  • The charges applied to you for changing the name on your ticket are $10 onwards.

Can you change the name on the Breeze ticket after purchase?

Yes, you can change the name of the passenger in the breeze flight ticket after purchase. There Is an online method that we have discussed briefly, but there is also one more option to alter your name if you have misplaced the name in your ticket. The option is to contact the Breeze airline customer support team. Helpline services are managed to change passenger names on breeze airways tickets easily:-

Through phone call:- You need to make a call to the breeze airways representative at 501-273-3931 and talk to the live person on the team.
Via Email: You can also send an email to get@flybreeze.com
Through Live chat:- You can also chat with the airline’s virtual assistant by accessing this service.