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How do I change my name on Korean Air?

While booking the tickets, a few letters of the passenger's name are often wrongly entered, and consequently, the ticket is booked with an incorrect name. However, it is important that the name on the ticket must be identical to the government-approved documents given for verification. Hence for Korean air name correction, you can do the following:

The online process to correct the passenger name on a Korean Air ticket

To correct the wrong spelling of the name, you can try an online process with the given steps:

  • Reach the official website of Korean Air. https://www.koreanair.com/us/en
  • Click on ‘My Trips’. https://www.koreanair.com/reservation/search
  • Enter your booking reference, last name, boarding date, and middle name, and click on the search button. 
  • Get your booking details on the screen.
  • Choose the booking want to make changes on the name by selecting the change name option from the menu icons.
  • Rectify up to three letters.
  • Confirm the change of name and get an email from Korean air.
  • You have to pay the name change fee if any.

How do I contact Korean air for name correction?

You can call the customer service center for a name change on a Korean Air ticket by dialing the toll-free number which is 1 800 438 5000. Explain the issue in detail to the customer service person and receive assistance to rectify the mistake. You will have to furnish government-approved identity proof to the Korean Air representative for verification and pay a name change fee if required.

The first available remedy for assistance to change the incorrect name on the ticket is to call and speak to a Korean Air customer service person. Through calling, you will get immediate assistance and information on the name change procedure and policies. To call Korean air change the name on the ticket, try the steps below:

  1. Dial 1 800 438 5000.
  2. Confirm your preferred language.
  3. Then press the IVR-mentioned number or key to talk to a customer service person.
  4. Discuss the issue for the change of name, and give the correct name along with legal proof for confirmation to the customer service person.
  5. Get complete assistance to change the name on the ticket.

You will get an email on your given email address to change your name on Korean air within a short while.

Learn about the Korean air name correction policy

To change the passenger name on a Korean Air ticket, the following policies are given:

  • If the name is changed within 24 hours of booking, no name change fee will be charged.
  • If the name is changed after 24 hours of the risk-free period, a fee may be payable.
  • A maximum of three letters can be changed, including the first, middle, and last names.
  • Only letters in the name can be changed; no other changes to the passengers' details are allowed.
  • The name on the ticket must be identical to your legal id proof given for the verification purpose of booking.
  • If more than three letters are wrong, you must cancel the booking and get a new reservation with the correct name.

How much does it cost to change the name on a Korean Air plane ticket?

For changing the wrong name on the ticket Korean Air, you may have to pay a name change fee that can vary from 150 USD - 200 USD depending upon the class and fare of the ticket.