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Saudi Airlines is one of the most essential flag carriers of Saudi Arabia. It has a wide experience of providing a comfortable and secure ride to its passengers. The reason for their great success is their motive which states that every passenger should leave the airport with a bright smile and immense satisfaction. 

If you have booked a flight with Saudi Airlines but mistakenly happened with the wrong name and now you wish to change your name on ticket Saudi airlines. You can rest assured and follow this page and get to know about everything associated with the name change in Saudi Airlines. 

Steps to change the name of Saudi Airlines ticket

  • The initial step is to visit the official webpage of Saudi Airlines.

  • Click on the Manage Booking tab to find our flight booking details. 

  • Fill in the necessary details like your last name and your booking reference id.

  • Click on the “Submit” option to view your flight booking details. 

  • Once you find your booking details, then you will be given the option to edit your booking details.

  • Make the necessary changes, whatever it is. 

  • Once you are done making changes to your flight details, then you will see the payment for making name changes. 

  • Make the necessary payment and finish the process of making changes to your name. 

Therefore, through the steps mentioned above, you can go for a Saudi Arabian Airlines name change. However, you can also make changes to your name by calling the customer care representative of Saudi Arabia by dialing 800 472 8342 to get quick assistance.

What is the Saudi Airlines name change policy?

It is always necessary to read the highlights of the terms and conditions of changing names on the flight ticket of Saudi airlines. Refer to the overview of the Saudi Airlines name change policy mentioned below;  

  • You can make the name changes by managing booking present on the official website or by calling the customer care representative.

  • If you make name changes within 24 hours of purchasing your flight ticket, then you will get to do it all for free. 

  • You can make minor changes to your name easily. However, if you wish to change your last name, they will have to show the documentary evidence and fulfill the requirement of the process. 

  • Saudi Airlines allows the passengers to change passenger names, till an hour before the scheduled departure.  

  • If you make changes in your flight during the risk period, then you might have to make the necessary payments. 

  • Passengers should know that they can’t make any changes to their flight details once they check in then.

  • Always make sure that the flight is operated by Saudi Airlines to make the changes in your flight ticket details. 

How much does it cost to change a flight ticket name on Saudi Airlines?

If you are making name changes on Saudi Airlines tickets then the passengers should be aware of Saudi Airlines' name change cost depending on the flight type. Also, Saudi Airlines doesn’t charge anything for minor changes but the passengers will ask you to make the fare difference if you reschedule your flight.