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What is Delta Sky Priority?

Sky Priority is the premium service offered by Delta Airlines for the convenience of the passengers. The airport supports you in walking quickly and getting faster to the gate to board the flight. Not only it also provides a memorable experience, but it also saves time. Now, you can have the ultimate experience due to the following reasons: 

  1. Faster check-in
  2. Accelerated security
  3. Early boarding
  4. Expedited baggage service

In case you need further assistance with Delta Sky Priority, dial the Delta Sky priority phone number 1-800-323-2323 for help.

How do you reach Sky Priority with Delta?

The services are designed to improve the passengers' overall experience at the airport. The facilities are accessible to the following flyers on every trip: 

Medallion Members

  • Diamond Medallion Members
  • Platinum Medallion Members
  • Gold Medallion Members
  • Virgin Atlantic Flying Club Gold members

Sky Priority is available for Delta and Delta connection flies but not all the benefits are accessible for every location, especially Sky Priority security. 

Furthermore, The service is extended to the eligible members of the Partner's frequent flyer programs like Virgin Atlantic Flying Club Gold members and traveling in premium cabins such as: 

Delta One
Delta Premium Select
First Class

Additionally, Sky miles can be used to upgrade to have a better experience to Premium, comfort plus, First Class, and Delta One, which can be further utilized to Delta SkyMiles upgrade priority. 

What is Delta Platinum Priority phone number?

Delta Platinum member has a dedicated Medallion phone line to guide them about the services and support passengers. Gold and Silver Medallion Members and SkyMiles Members are the priority of the airline. To connect with the agents, you can dial 800-323-2323. After choosing the language, you must choose suitable automated IVR instructions to connect with a live representative. You don't have to wait for agents to pick up your call as immediately answered by the airline. 

How do I get Sky Priority from Delta?

You can access the Delta Sky Priority services as a Delta One, Premium Select, First Class passenger, Diamond, Platinum, Gold Medallion Member, and SkyTeam Elite Plus, member. This facility is reachable for Delta and Delta Connections flights. All rules related to Sky Priority are applied, such as membership, miles, offers, mile accrual, mile redemption, and travel benefits. Sometimes benefits can be changed due to security concerns. If you have any questions, flyers can contact the delta sky priority phone number 800-323-2323 for assistance. 

How do I become a Sky Priority member with Delta?

You can become a Sky Priority member with Delta: 

  1. SkyMiles offers the standard rate of $ 189 annual membership.
  2. Platinum, Gold, and Silver Medallion members at $ 149. 
  3. Delta SkyMiles American Express card members can avail of the services at $ 149 annually. 
  4. General SkyMiles Members at $ 179 per year. 

Check the few conditions for enrollment: 

  1. Delta's SkyMiles program services are available for every flyer and don't forbid you to participate in frequent flyer programs. 
  2. Entities and corporations aren't allowed to enroll as Members. 
  3. Passengers need to share their full name, including their middle name, if any, to enroll in the Sky Miles program. And passenger's name should be the same as a valid travel document such as Visa or Resident. 
  4. Members will be shared with an individual membership number at the time of enrollment. Moreover, the number isn't transferable. 
  5. One person can enroll per SkyMiles account. Also, more than one sky miles account is not permitted for members. 

Suppose you have any doubts linked to the terms and conditions can dial the Delta Sky priority customer service number for help. 

What Are the Benefits of Delta Sky Priority?

Flyers enrolled in the membership can get Sky Priority from Delta benefits like: 

Priority lanes for check-in, security, and boarding: 

If you need to avoid long lines at crowded terminals, flyers can go for the Sky priority close to the front in no time. A dedicated lane for check-in is provided and used by the first class and Delta One flyer. This is a timesaver for passengers. 

Baggage priority and perks

Passengers can get the priority bag tag and are among the first delivered to the baggage carousel. Delta has a Sky Priority area where travelers can wait at the Corousel's front for luggage at many airports. 

How do I upgrade to priority on Delta?

By following the simple steps, you can upgrade to priority on Delta: 

  1. Go to My Trips or the Fly Delta app. 
  2. Request a Delta Comfort + Upgrade. 
  3. Check the "Upgrade Preferences" box.
  4. Select both checked boxes, "Request upgrade" and "Only upgrade if my seat preferences are available."
  5. Choose the seat and click on the submit button. 

How much does it cost to upgrade to Delta Sky Priority?

Delta Sky Priority doesn't have any set cost. There is no way flyers can directly buy Sky Priority. The service is accessible through Medallion Membership status or buying Premium upgraded tickets. You can get the benefits of booking seats for Business, Premium Comfort Class, joining a loyalty program, and being a Sky Team Elite Plus member. 

Does Sky Priority get me into Delta Sky Club?

The Delta Sky Club premium experience is accessible via Sky Club Membership and doesn't include Sky Priority. Sky Club is the most admired lounge across the globe. The amenities include free W–Fi, complimentary cocktails, snacks, hot meals, and showers. 

To avail of the benefits, passengers can buy an annual membership to have the Sky Club services. The standard membership costs you around $ 695. Moreover, the flyers can bring up two flyers by paying an extra $ 50 for each guest per visit. 

This can be more cost-effective if you skip the annual membership fee and sign up for a Delta credit card with lounge access. Furthermore, the Delta SkyMiles upgrade priority cost is 84,500 miles for an executive membership and 54,500 miles for a standard membership. 

Is Delta Sky Priority Worth It?

The service is beneficial for frequent flyers and travelers to avoid queues at the airport. Sky Priority is worth it for you. It allows you to have priority access for check-in, security lanes, and boarding. Besides, it offers perks such as free luggage and offered best seats on the plane. Thus you can get in and out of the airport effortlessly. Delta SkyPriority benefits can help you save your time and energy. 

Do you get Sky Priority with Delta Comfort Plus?

Passengers can enjoy an upgraded experience on their flight with Delta Comfort Plus. You can get the advantage of Sky Priority. Furthermore, overhead bin space, extra legroom, superior snacks on longer flights, free drinks, and complimentary premium entertainment. 

Contact customer support when you need to know more about delta comfort plus Skypriority. Visit the website for more details. Moreover, you can follow the airline on social media to get the flight updates.