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Does carry-on Baggage is charged by United Airlines?

If you are worried about how much does United charge for carry on bags? United Airlines offers 1 carrying luggage and 1 personally-made piece for free per customer, such as bag, briefcase and laptop bag. As a Basic Economy traveller, you are permitted only one personal item when you are a reputed official person or a principal card-member with a qualifying Mileage-Plus credit card. You are allowed to check your luggage and need to pay the relevant checked bag plus a charge of $25 for the portability fee as baggage fee at United Airlines if you surpass this amount.

Domesticated cats, rabbits, birds and puppies are allowed in cabin travel on the bulk of flights in the U.S. as per policies of the United Airlines. In addition to a carriage bag, a pet must be transported into a carrier and one way United Airlines charge for carry on bags are $125. The following size and weight restrictions should not be exceeded by the carry-on policy of United Airlines:

  • 45 linear inches or 115 cm, with handles and wheels, included.
  • Fit in a place in front of you, or under the bench.
  • The following size and weight limitations should not be exceeded by the personal piece.
  • 36 linear pulls or 89 cm.
  • Fit in a bowl in front of you, or under the bench.
  • The carry-on allowance does not contain a parasol, sweater, paint kit, duty-free items, and assistance equipment like crutches, wheelchairs, slipcase, walkers, infant restraining sites, etc.

How much is a checked bag on United?

United airline is one of the major airlines when we talk about the aviation sector. It is known for the services it provides to its customers while they are flying and while they are sitting at the ease of their home as well.

If we talk about flying then, the main concern which comes to our mind is that we need to keep the luggage limited because of the cost. No worries, the below mentioned points will help you with that;

The fare for the checked baggage depends on various conditions that whether or not you are military personnel or you have a mileage program with United. But the standard rates are as follows-

  1. First Bag Charge- 35 dollars.
  2. Second Bag Charge- 45 dollars.
  3. Third or an additional bag after the first two ones- 150 dollars per bag.
  4. There’s an additional facility given as well, if you book and pay for the first two bags prior to 24 hours before the departure of your flight, you’ll be getting a discount of 5 percent on each bag that you pay for online.

The above mentioned prices are the standard rates which apply on a general note, the rates might vary depending upon the class that you book the flight for or any special privileges. 

Carry-on Baggage Charge Policy for Different Items

If you are worried about how much does United charge for carry on bags? Then on United Express flights of the smaller aircraft on these lines, you can check the larger cabin for baggage at the airport. In addition to their regular carry-on allowance, adults travelling with babies on their lap should hold a breast pump, diaper bag and infant seat. For musical instruments measuring 63 to 115 centimetres in total lengths, over-dimension charges apply. For musical instruments above 50 lbs, overweight charges apply. However, the weight up to 165 lbs is accepted and can contact the United Customer Contact Center for more details.

The carry on allocation for United Airlines Baggage policies mandate that musical instruments, along with a personal piece, should be transported aboard and placed in the overhead locker or under the front seat. However, the instrument can be taken instead of a personal piece while flying on a Standard Economy fare. When a tool that cannot be kept in the cabin is taken into the cabin, it should be tested and a $25 handling charge charged. For more information you can also talk to a representative at United Airlines for resolved your issues and doubts.  

How do I avoid baggage fees on United?

Many people have a query about how they can avoid paying the baggage fees on United airlines flights. Are you also one of them? If yes, you just need to have a quick scan of this article and gain all the details about Avoiding your baggage fee by using some of the simple tips which are discussed below:

Book in special classes. A great way to avoid baggage fees on United booking is reserving the flight ticket for higher classes. In first, business and premium classes, you can bring baggage for free.

Use MileagePlus for booking. Using the mileage program allows you to gain a service that allows a privilege to book the flight and makes the baggage fee zero. This loyalty program is very important for the use of all its passengers.

Use a United credit card. Employing the credit card issued by United airlines allows you to enjoy a free booking option that is provided to all its users. Booking through these credit cards allow you to provide these details.

Still, thinking about the correct process in which you need to know about How do I avoid baggage fees on United? Contact the customer service of this airline and connect with the live person to know more about the baggage fee to use while avoiding your baggage fee.

Does United really charge for carry on bags?

United Airline allows its passengers to enjoy the task of bringing carry on baggage to its flights. This airline permits its passengers to bring 1 carry on baggage and 1 personal item without charging anything.

However, the exact cost of your baggage depends majorly on your booking type. Those who still have any query in using Does United really charge for carry on bags? They should contact the customer service of the airline to know more about the baggage fee of the carry on baggage.

What are United Airlines bag fees?

For the travelers who have a query is there any fee for baggage on United Airlines, as per the airline guidelines, a fee might apply to the baggage. Further, the fee against the baggage is determined as per the fare type purchased and destination. 

Besides, for the travelers who are looking for the exact information on What are United Airlines bag fees? Here, are the details that one can check out and manage their baggage accordingly. 

Baggage fee details for United Airlines booking

1) Domestic routes

For the travelers who are U.S military personnel or dependent, who used sponsored credit card, member of the frequent flyer program with elite status, the baggage fee for the standard checked baggage for the US domestic flights are as follows:

  • 1st bag: USD 35
  • 2nd bag: USD 45
  • 3rd or additional bags: USD 150 per bag

2) International routes 

  • Besides, for the travelers flying internationally, United does not charge any fee for the 1st bag, but a charge of USD 100 is charged against the 2nd bag. 
  • Besides, the international basic economy checked baggage fee ranges from USD 60 for 1st bag and $100 for 2nd bag. 
  • Also, on some routes, the airline allows two checked baggage as standard. So, one can make use of the baggage calculator to find the exact fee for the baggage as per the route. 


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