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The only right thing that can happen after one cancels their costly flight reservation would be to get a quick refund on as much monetary amount as possible that was spent on the said flight booking. Though flight cancelations are a usual thing for any Airline to process, it may not be so for a person who is about to travel, and so each of the Airlines has clear policies and rules to make the whole refund process transparent.

FlyGTA Airlines also has established such policies relating to flight cancellation and refund, and one can raise a FlyGTA refund request if they have canceled a flight reservation recently. The following details deal with the policies, process, and other details of FlyGTA refund, and the curious ones can read on to know more about them.

How to raise a FlyGTA refund request?

  • One can get on the FlyGTA website and use the “Manage Booking” menu to cancel their flight and raise a refund claim. https://flygta.com/

  • Confirmed flight cancellation is necessary to raise a successful refund request. For this, one can fill in the reservation details on the “Manage booking” tab and load the flight itinerary page corresponding to the flight ticket.

  • The flight can be canceled from this page, and the refund request can be raised from this cancelation portal.

Alternatively, a FlyGTA airlines refund form is available on the website that can be filled out and sent to customer care, but this should be done only after a confirmed ticket cancelation. One can further call the FlyGTA customer service by dialing +1 888 470 4595 and get assistance on any cancelation and refund.

How long does a refund take from FlyGTA Airlines?

FlyGTA refund can take a time of 7-21 days to get reflected in one’s bank account, while FlyGTA airlines refund time for bookings that were paid for using credit or debit cards is usually completed within 7-10 days. One can expect the cash refunds to be processed in the original currency and show up in the same bank account, both of which were used to pay for the reservation. Refunds processed as travel vouchers or credit are far quicker than cash refunds, which can be sent to the commuter within a week from the cancelation.

FlyGTA airlines refund policy

  1. Any flight cancelation within 24 hours from the booking is free of charge and is eligible for a complete refund irrespective of the ticket type being refundable or not. However, the booking should have been made at least one week before the flight departure to qualify for the refund.

  2. After 24 hours of the booking, a ticket cancelation can invite cancelation charges, and the refund may not be over the complete ticket.

  3. For refundable tickets, one can raise a refund request over the whole amount, and the final refund will be the whole amount minus the cancellation charges.

  4. Non Refundable tickets will have to pay the cancelation charges and won’t be able to raise a refund claim over any part of the ticket costs except for the government costs and taxes.

  5. The amount to be paid as cancelation charges depend upon the flight route, destination, and class type.

  6. For the flights canceled by FlyGTA, one will receive a full refund in the form of cash, a travel voucher, or a travel credit. These vouchers can be used next year to purchase any FlyGTA reservation or other flight services.

  7. No refunds will be provided in case of a no-show, while cancelation in the last 24 hours to the flight departure will levy heavy charges.

One can head over to the official FlyGTA website to study the detailed FlyGTA airlines refund policy to gain a better understanding of these policies and to know the exact cancellation costs and other charges on canceling their flight ticket.