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5 Quick Ways to Get in Tuch with Malaysia Airlines

You can use different customer service methods to raise queries about Malaysia Airlines. If you are a passenger facing a problem with the airline service, you can directly call Malaysia Airlines and get the information immediately. You must use the Malaysia Airlines 24-hour contact number which is 1 300 88 3000 (within Malaysia) or +603 7843 3000 (outside Malaysia) and get a response quickly. If you are from the USA, please dial +1 669 288 7053 for fast help.

Talk to a Malaysia Airlines agent by calling for urgent help

  • Launch the web page of Malaysia Airlines
  • Locate your cursor toward the Ask MH option and select the contact details option. 
  • Get the list of the contact numbers according to your query and region. Choose the contact number from the list. 
  • To contact a live executive in Malaysia, dial: 1 300 88 3000 (available 24/7)
  • For outside Malaysia, dial: 1 300 88 3000 
  • USA user, dial: +1 669 288 7053
  1. Listen to the voice prompts carefully. Press the correct number key according to your query. 
  2. Dial 1 or 2 to select the preferred language.
  3. Dial 3 to book the flight. 
  4. Dial 4 to check the flight status. 
  5. Dial 5 to get information about your existing flight. 
  6. Dial 6 for the baggage allowance. 
  7. Dial 7 for customer service. 
  8. Dial # to disconnect the call. 
  • Wait on hold to connect with the airline representative about your issues, and get the solution immediately from the representative. 

Other than the call service you can find other quickest ways to get in touch with Malaysia Airlines customer service on the official website. To speak with the representative, you can use the given ways, here are-

Use the customer service chat option. 

Suppose the traveler requires information about the refund status. They can use the Malaysia Airlines customer service chat option on the official website. Travelers can write their queries in the chat box and talk to a live agent. Travelers can use the given steps-

  • Open the official web page of Malaysia Airlines
  • Drag your mouse and click on the customer service option. 
  • On another page, tap on the live chat option. 
  • Pick your query from the list or write it down in the text field. 
  • Obtain the information about your query with the live agent instantly.

Raise your query on the email option

If you wish to raise a complaint or provide feedback about the airline, you can use the email option. Send your concern to enrich@malaysiaairlines.com. You will get a quick response from the representative about your queries. To convey your query on the email option, you must follow the given steps-

  1. Open your Gmail account on your preferred device. 
  2. Move your cursor toward the pencil or plus option. 
  3. In the recipient option, kindly provide the email as mentioned earlier. 
  4. If you wish to add more members to the email, add it to the CC or BCC option. 
  5. Write down the subject and provide your query in the box. 
  6. Read your query before sending it. 
  7. Provide the attachments, images, documents, files, etc. 
  8. Click on the send option and get the information from the representative within 24-48 hours. 

Follow on social media-

You can also send your query to the airline's social media pages and receive a response from the representative. You can mention the airline in the post or tweet. You can use the given links to follow the airline on social media platforms-

Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/malaysiaairlines 
Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/malaysiaairlines/ 
Twitter- https://twitter.com/MAS 

Contact via Malaysia Airlines WhatsApp number

To connect with the airline on Whatsapp and you require the contact number. You will get it on the official website. Use this number for Whatsapp-+603 8777 4570, or click this link- http://bit.ly/mhwhatsapp. To open WhatsApp. It is another way to communicate with the live agent and get information about your queries hassle-free. 

How do I call Malaysia Airlines?

To call the airline to inquire about the queries, you can use the contact number according to your query. You will get the Malaysia Airlines phone number on the official website. The airline provides many services to its customers. To connect with the airline representative, you can use the given contact numbers-

For General Queries- 1 (800) 552-9264
For temptation- +603 8787 6666 
For airline products and services- 1, 300 88 3000,+603 7843 3000
For airline academy- +603 7863 7500.
For MH flight Simulator Experience- +603 7840 2663, +603 7840 4369

What is the email address for Malaysia Airlines?

The airline provides many email ids on its official website. You can use the email id according to your query. Here is the list of the email id-

  • For Enrich- enrich@malaysiaairlines.com
  • For Temptations-  mhtemptations@3sixtydutyfree.com
  • For Ground Handling- ghm@malaysiaairlines.com
  • For media inquiries-media@malaysiaairlines.com
  • For Malaysia Airlines Academy-mktg_maa@malaysiaairlines.com
  • For MH Flight Simulator Experience- simexperience@malaysiaairlines.com

How do I complain about Malaysian Airlines?

If you want to raise your complaint, you can use the phone number or email. Both are suitable methods to raise your complaint. Here is the information to raise the complaint-

Call- To convey your complaint, you can use the Malaysia Airlines complaint phone number and get the information from the representative immediately. To call the airline, you must use 1 300 88 3000. Follow the IVR process, speak with the representative about your complaint, and get a solution from them. 

Email- If you are unable to call the airline, you must provide your complaint details on the email option. To get the Malaysia Airlines complaint email, search it on the official website. Use this email id-customercare.mhholidays@tui.com.  And provide your query with the attachments. 

How do I contact Enrich Malaysia Airlines?

You require the Malaysia Airlines Enrich contact number, and you can look for this option on the official website. The contact is used for various purposes. To connect with Enrich Malaysia Airlines, you must follow the steps-

Dial this number-+603 2263 5777, 
Hear out the IVR steps carefully. 
Clear your doubts with the representative. 

How do I contact Enrich Malaysia Airlines by email?

When passenger requires information about Malaysia Airlines' enrich customer service,  they can email the airline and obtain all the information from a live person rapidly. To get the email id of the Enrich customer service, they must follow the given procedure-

  • Launch the web page of Malaysia Airlines. 
  • Click on the customer support option at the end of the page. 
  • Again scroll down the page and click on the enrich option. 
  • Get this email id-enrich@malaysiaairlines.com. 
  • Provide your query in the explained manner. 
  • You will obtain a response from the representative within a few hours. 

What time does Malaysian Airlines check-in open?

The airline check-in is open 24 hours. You can reach the airport 90 minutes before the passenger's flight’s scheduled departure time, whether domestic or international. Passengers should have an e-confirmed ticket. When passengers require information about check-in, they can connect with the airline representative as soon as possible. 

How to claim Malaysia Airlines?

To get a claim from the airline, you can fill out the compensation form or speak with the representative who will provide all the information immediately. You can use the claim form that is available on the official website. You must provide the details carefully in the online form and receive your compensation immediately. If you don’t want to use the online form, you can immediately speak with the airline representative at 1 300 88 3000 and get all the details on your credentials. 

How do I contact Kuala Lumpur International Airport?

Assume that you have a flight from the Kuala Lumpur Airport and require some information like- check-in timings, terminal information, and lounge information. You can use the Kuala Lumpur Airport phone number, speak with the airport executive and get the detail from the representative immediately. Here are the steps to contact the airport-

Visit the airport at this address: Kuala Lumpur International Airport, 64000 Sepang, Selangor
Dial this contact number: +603 8777 7000, +603 8777 7778
Email the airport about your queries: CARE@malaysiaairports.com.my