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What Does Pay Later mean on Hertz?

Hertz Corporation is a car rental company it provides the facility to its customers to rent a car. To rent a car from Hertz, a person can opt to pay now and pay later. When a person wants to rent a car but doesn't have enough money, then they can opt to pay later, which means they are allowed to rent the car now and pay after some time, either in installments or at one time. You can cancel the Hertz pay later reservations at any time. Before canceling the reservation, a customer should know all its policies. So it is advised to read about the cancellation policy of Hertz's pay later cancellation policy.

Can you cancel a Hertz pay later reservation?

Yes, of course, you can withdraw the Hertz pay later reservation. The hertz pay later cancellation process is as easy as making a reservation. There are two ways to cancel the reservation, follow the instruction given below and opt out for pay later reservation:

Cancel Hertz pay later reservation online

  1. The very first step is to download the application of Hertz on your mobile phone.

  2. Sign in to your account by entering your email ID or mobile number and its password

  3. Navigate to the "reservation" option on the top left corner and select the reservation you want to cancel

  4. Click on the "cancel" option and confirm the cancellation.

Contact Hertz executive to cancel pay later reservation

A customer can cancel their reservation by contacting the customer service of Herts company through a phone call. All you have to do is:

  • Open the website of Hertz Corporation and select your region. 

  • Scroll to the end of the page and select the "contact us" option in the customer support section.

  • Dial the Hertz customer support phone number 800-654-3131.

  • After dialing the number, press 1 for the selection of language

  • Then press 2 to cancel a reservation

  • And then press # to talk to a live person at Hertz.

  • Provide the order number to the customer care executive and ask them to cancel the reservation. If the reservation is prepaid, you will receive the refund in the original mode of payment, and Hertz company will charge some cancellation fees.

What is Hertz's pay later cancellation policy?

By reading the Hertz pay later cancellation policy, a customer will know all the terms and conditions. It will also help you to make the cancellation process easy. 

  1. When a customer cancels Hertz to pay a later reservation after booking and not picking up the vehicle, the company will not charge any cancellation fee because they will not have any information about your credit or debit card. 

  2. If you cancel the booking after picking up the vehicle, the company might charge you a cancellation fee.