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How can I reserve a flight without paying?

Flight Reservations Without Paying

You might be planning to go for a trip this year and looking for a way to save some money on your flight reservations, then you might not be aware that you can also book a flight ticket for free. It sounds a little absurd and not so real but yes it is true if you wish you can make reservations for free. Thought while applying for this you need to know that not all the airline provides with this facility. To reserve a flight without paying, you need to understand a little dummy ticket and how using it you can make reservations.   

Reservations Without Paying

Dummy is like a real ticket the only difference is that the ticket has yet not been issued to the customer. If you are wondering “How can I reserve a flight without paying?” then you can follow the below-mentioned steps – 

  1. Go to the official website of the airline. 
  2. Enter all the details that are being asked in the booking section. 
  3. Then click on search flight and pick one according to your convenience. 
  4. You can ask your travel agent to book a dummy ticket for you. 
  5. So he will follow some other procedures and send you the ticket via the provided email.
  6. Apart from dummy ticket other ways to make reservation includes – 
  • You can use your miles points that you have earned during making the journey,
  • Or you can make use of e-vouchers,
  • if you wish you can keep the reservation on hold and pay for it later. 

The above mentioned are the ways using which you can make a free flight reservation. If you are opting for the hold option, then remember generally hold is valid only for a period of 24 hours.