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Westjet has made sure that you can easily make the changes to your reservation. You only need to get on the official website of Westjet. Then through the “Manage Booking” option, you’ll be able to make the relevant changes. You can go through the steps given below on the official Westjet website. Soon, you’ll be able to make the changes successfully.  

Steps to change a WestJet flight date online

  • Get on the Westjet official website. https://www.westjet.com/en-us
  • Now select the option of “Manage Booking”.

  • Once you have done that, enter the passenger's name and the booking code.

  • Now choose the option of “Search”. 

  • On the new page, you’ll see the booking. 

  • Open the booking and then select the button “Change flight.” 

  • Choose the flight which is suitable for you. 

  • Once you have made the changes, you’re going to receive the confirmation email on your registered email address. 

  • Ensure that you have followed the Westjet change flight within 24 hours. In that manner, you’ll be able to save the change fee. 

How much does it cost to change a WestJet flight?

When you decide to change a non-refundable flight ticket after flight departure, you might have to pay the flight change fee is starts from $100 to $600 per passenger. If you have booked a domestic flight and wish to change to a non-refundable flight, you might have to pay the flight change fee is $200 per passenger. On an international flight, you have to pay a flight change fee is $500 per passenger. WestJet Airlines also allows you to change your flight's date and time at zero cost but in urgent change, you have to pay a flight change fee would be at least $30 per passenger. 

What is the flight change policy of Westjet?

To understand the Westjet flight change policy. You can read the procedure given below. After that, you’ll be able to change your Westjet flight booking and save the charges. 

  1. You’ll be able to make the flight change free of cost if you have made the changes within twenty-four hours of booking. 

  2. If you have downgraded the flight fare, you will get a refund. 

  3. Ensure that you have filled out the refund form within twenty-four hours of the changes made. In that manner, you’ll be able to avoid the flight change fee. 

  4. While making the flight change. You need to ensure that the next flight you have selected is to the same destination. 

Can I change my flight time with WestJet?

Yes, you will change your flight time on WestJet Airlines. So, there are simple and easy steps to change the time on WestJet. In addition, if WestJet changes flight within 24 hours your flight time will change. With that, they will reach their desired destination. But the problem is they don't know how to change the departure time. So,  while changing the time follow the steps.

Therefore, here are the following steps from which you can easily cancel the flight time on the WestJet Airways are:

  1. First, browse the WestJet Airlines official website.

  2. Go on the "My trips" tab under the homepage's menu.

  3. Enter the "last name and booking confirmation code" to access your account.

  4. Then, move to the edit booking link available on the page.

  5. You can change the flight time details that you want.

  6. After that, confirm and save your changes.

  7. And, you will receive its changing confirmation.

Can I change my flight within 24 hours WestJet?

Yes, you can change your flight within 24 hours at WestJet of booking or buying tickets. In addition, if you change the WestJet flight in between the 24 hours, you must pay for it. However, when you make changes in your flight destination, tickets, time, date, or name within 24 hours of booking, you must pay for it, or WestJet airline will charge extra.

How many times can I change my flight to WestJet?

You can change your reservation from when you have completed your booking until the last two hours before the scheduled departure. Within the time period, you can make the changes as many times as you want. 

Can I get a refund if WestJet changes my flight?

Yes, in case there has been a change in your booking. Then you can claim the refund. You only need to get on the official Westjet website. There, fill out the refund form, and you’ll be successfully able to claim your refund. So, if you want to know the Westjet flight change compensation. Then follow the information below. 

  1. Get on the official WestJet website. 

  2. You need to write in the search bar “WestJet refund form.” 

  3. Press enter, and you’ll come across the refund claim form. 

  4. Now fill up the form.

  5. Attach the mandatory documents. 

  6. The mandatory documents are mentioned below. 

  7. Photo ID. 

  8. Boarding pass. 

  9. Now you’ll be able to submit the form and receive the refund. 

For further information related to Westjet flight changes, you can also talk to a person at WestJet, by dialing toll-free 1 (888) 937-8538 and you can ask about your all flight change issues. 


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