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How do I change the date on my WestJet flight?

Sometimes the travel advisory at a particular destination can affect the travel plans. If the travel advisory is there due to a technical glitch in the plane, bad weather, or airport closures, you can reschedule your flight journey. You can change your WestJet flight online before the scheduled departure and get the new travel dates. Passengers can make the changes to the itinerary online by the below-mentioned steps to proceed further. 

Quick steps to reschedule WestJet flight online

  • To start, you must reach the WestJet Airlines official website at www.westjet.com
  • There, you can select the manage option to retrieve the booking with them. 
  • You must enter the 6-character reservation code with the passenger's last name on the booking. 
  • Once you hit on the search icon, you will see the different bookings with WestJet Airlines. 
  • From that, you can choose the suitable travel and tap on the change/cancel button. 
  • You must select the new travel dates to reschedule the journey for your destination. 
  • With this, you will acquire the list of available flights that will fly to your location on the provided dates. 
  • Thus, you can choose a suitable flight and proceed further.
  • There will be fare differences and rescheduled fees, if any, that you need to pay to complete the process. 
  • WestJet Airlines will send you the confirmation message with an updated ticket at your registered email ID.

Have a look at the WestJet flight change policy

Flexibility on flight travel always matters, and airlines offer you various options on the fares. Here are some best-suited points for the WestJet flight rescheduling policy that you must consider before changing the flight dates. 

  1. You can change the travel dates for the same destination, and you don't need to pay any charges if completed within 24 hours of the purchase. 
  2. According to the 24-hour rule, your booking must be made within a week of the scheduled departure. 
  3. Changes after 24 hours are subject to the fees to reschedule the journey. 
  4. If WestJet Airlines cancel or delays the flight, you can reschedule the same to your suitable dates at no extra charge. 
  5. The flight reschedule must be completed two hours prior to the scheduled departure. 
  6. Sometimes, if there is any fare difference in the booking, WestJet will issue the travel credit for the same. 
  7. For the rescheduling of the vouchers, it must be made before the expiry of the usage. 
  8. The rescheduling and the changes are subject to each flight being affected along with the difference. 
  9. If you have made the booking with an online travel agency, you must reach out to them to reschedule the journey accordingly. 

How much does rescheduling the WestJet flight cost?

The changes or flight rescheduling are permitted according to the fees/charges per person, per direction. Therefore, the changing WestJet flight fees for your destination will vary between 100 to 500 CAD. You need to pay the stimulating fees along with the fare difference. 

How do I contact WestJet customer service for a flight change?

You can reschedule the flight with customer service if you are unable to complete the same online. Therefore, you must dial the WestJet change flight phone number at 1-866-693-7853 and follow the automated instruction. When you choose the suitable command, you will be allocated to the experts. They will help you to reschedule your relevant flight before the scheduled departure.

Can I change WestJet flight dates after paying?

Once you pay for your flight ticket, you can also change the schedule according to your destination. You can change the WestJet ticket date or the destination online or through the customer service experts. 

Can I change WestJet flights for free?

Yes, you can change the WestJet flights free of cost if you proceed within 24 hours of the purchase. Although, there will be no charge or fees for the changes made through the miles.

How many times can I change a WestJet flight?

The standard change and flexibility will always apply to the reservation made online with them. Therefore changes are subject to various situations such as the travel dates, destination, number of passengers, travel class, and availability of seats in the plane. You can proceed for WestJet to switch flights as many times as you can before three hours of the scheduled departure. Although, certain charges will be applied on every flight rescheduled for your destination.