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For travelers who have canceled reservations with Bahamasair and looking for details to get a refund from Bahamasair, they can follow the instructions shared below and manage their reservations in time.

How to request a refund from Bahamasair?

  • To request a refund, the traveler needs to fill up the online feedback form.

  • Here, the traveler needs to select the feedback type, category as a refund. 

  • After that, enter the feedback information and personal information of the traveler. 

  • Then, the traveler can attach the required documents and provide the details regarding the reservations.

  • After that, the traveler can submit the request, and the refund will get processed within few business days. 

Bahamasair Refund Policy

For travelers willing to request a refund from Bahamasair, here are the guidelines of Bahamasair refund policy that traveler is required to follow before requesting a refund. If needed, the traveler can even contact the reservation department of the airline for assistance. 

  1. The non-refundable reservations are not eligible for a refund. However, the traveler can exchange their reservations within six months of the issue. 

  2. For purchases made using a credit card will get processed within one week of the request. And in the case of checks and cash, the refund will get transferred in the original form within 20 business days.

And for the cancellation made before the departure of the flight, the rebooked flight ticket will be valid as:

  1. The wholly unused ticket provided the travel is commenced within one year from the date of issue. 

  2. The partially used ticket provided the travel is completed within one year from the outbound travel date, and a change fee is applied.

  3. And for the reservations that are not canceled before departure, the reservation is not eligible for rebooking. 

How much time does Bahamasair take to process a refund? 

As per the policy, the traveler who has made a credit card payment gets a refund within one week. And for the payment made using cash, check, and other payment options, the airline offers a refund within 20 business days. 

Thus, these are the details on how travelers can get a refund from Bahamasair and other provisions offered by the airline to manage the reservations and process a quick refund.