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How do I get a refund on a non refundable flight?

A Quick To Help You Get Refund On A Non-Refundable Flight Ticket

Getting a refund can be really troubling sometimes especially when it is about non-refundable fares. When you are a frequent flyer member, then things might turn into your favor. However, when you are not, then you might need to buckle up a bit more to snag your valuable money from the airline. Hence, this post has brought you the top ways to get refunds on your non-refundable flight tickets.

How to Get Refund on Non Refundable Flight?

Follow The 24 Hour Rule:

The 24-hour rule is always helpful to get refunds on your cancellations regardless of the fare type. Just simply cancel your flight ticket within the 24 hour of booking them, and you’ll get a refund on a non refundable airline ticket.

Get A Travel Insurance:

When you have booked your flight tickets through an online travel agency, then you can take benefits of their insider relations with the airlines. They can help you with many waivers and refunds to make your worries go away.  You can also ask your agents for helping out with the insurance policy to ensure safety of your valuable money.

Change Your Flight Ticket:

In the event, if all the options for getting refund on your non-refundable gets exhausted, then you can change your it for the next flight. However, this may require you to pay extra for the flight change but that would better than getting your original flight ticket cancelled or fortified in some cases.

Hence, this was all about How to get a refund on a non refundable flight but if you have any further query, then you can also ask around your airline’s customer services, or an OTA.