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How do You Cancel a Flight and Claim Refund for It?

Do you need to know whether, in exchange for a refund, you can cancel your flight or not? Sometimes a person may have to cancel a flight they are supposed to be travelling on because of an emergency. All major airlines allow passengers to cancel their flight in the event that they face some urgent situation and provide them with a refund for it. You can collect the data from below to learn more specifically about the information of how to cancel and refund a flight booking.

Learn the steps to cancel a flight and claim refund?

  • First of all, visit the airline website and navigate to the Manage Booking section
  • After that, submit your booking confirmation code and last name
  • Then select the cancel option and read the terms to cancel and claim refund
  • Next choose the flight that you wish to cancel and select the reason for it
  • Then, press continue to cancel your flight and get a notification regarding it
  • Next, you require to submit the refund request soon after you have cancelled the flight
  • Later you can also submit refund request to review the status by providing verification code

Know the rules to get refund for a cancelled flight?

  • The amount of refund you will receive after cancelling a flight ticket may vary depending on the rules followed by an individual airline.
  • Any airline requires from 7 days to 20 days to process the refund for a cancelled flight.

Complete details on how to cancel and get refund a flight booking are given above. In addition, you can also contact the airline's customer care center to cancel a flight and make a request for refunds or ask for any further reservation related assistance.