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How to Book Special Assistance on British Airways? 

If you are traveling by flight that belongs to British Airways then all your needs would be taken care of. British Airlines ensures to look after the needs of all the passengers because there are different types of passengers traveling and everyone needs their own services. And likewise, there are senior citizens or disabled people traveling and they need special assistance to board the flight without any hassle. And such people who need those services sign up for special assistance.

Ways to Book Special Assistance on British Airways

If you are traveling with someone who needs special assistance then you can book special assistance on British airways. Following are the below-given steps with which you can book special services for traveling. 

  • To request special assistance for elderly people or physically handicapped people, you can tall to the special service team of British Air. 
  • For applying for the special services of British Air, first of all, you have to book the flights and get the confirmed booking. Now once done, now log in to your booking. 
  • On your booking page, go to the quick links on the top of the page and then tap on the tab of the disability and mobility assistance. 
  • Later, choose the type of service you want to buy for the people who need special services. You can choose from the services of the wheelchair, hearing machine, or visual devices. If you want to find out more about the services provided by British Air, you can easily speak to the accessibility team live and they will guide you properly. 
  • You can even call on the helpline number of the airline or inquire at the ticket counter of the airline. They will guide you with the terms and conditions of the special assistance.  

Tips to follow while booking special assistance services

  1. If you are planning to apply for the special services on board then you have to inform the airline beforehand. Try to book tickets well in advance and then inform the airline maximum of 48 hours before the flight takes off so that the airline can make proper arrangements. 
  2. Once your service request is accepted and the airline approves it then try to reach the airport on time. Try to reach the maximum of 2 hours before the flight takes off so that you can complete all the formalities related to the special services. 
  3. If you want special services from the airline then you also need to have sufficient patience till the airline will make the required arrangements. 
  4. In case you need the help of the specials service staff then try to reach the Airport on time and let them help you out. If you won’t reach or report on time then the staff will show up on time. 
  5. For more detailed information you can visit the website of the airline and read more about the terms and conditions of the special services and even speak live to the special assistance service. 

Contacting the Customer Care Team - 802-808-8988

Sometimes while making any type of special service booking, people often get confused with the services. And if you are new at this then, first of all, do your part of the homework. You can contact the customer support team of the airline and get all the doubts cleared. 

The support team of British Airways works 24x7 to attend to the doubts of the passengers. You can reach out to the booking team for any doubt or the query you have. The reservation helpline number will explain you the doubts related to the special services and then you can book the services for your convenience. And therefore with the help of the following steps, you can easily book the special assistance services on British Air.


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