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After making a reservation, a customer might have to cancel their reservation for several reasons such as the death of a family member, Prolong illness, Recent Accident. For specific reasons, a customer might have to cancel its Intercaribbean Airways reservation. You can cancel Inter Caribbean Airways flights by  simply following the below-written steps .’

Steps to cancel Intercaribbean Airways flight booking

  1. Firstly, one has to visit the official webpage of Intercaribbean Airways.

  2. Click on the Tab which says the "Manage my booking" option. 

  3. Do enter your PNR details as well as your last name. Your E-ticket will appear.

  4. An option to cancel and edit will appear on your screen. 

  5. Do click on the cancel option and confirm the cancellation of your reservation. 

  6. The payment page will appear on this step, and one has to confirm the payment details (if applicable for the same).

Intercaribbean Airways Cancellation Policy:- 

  • As per the airline’s policy, if a passenger has made a reservation before 24 hours, one will get a full refund. It provides a hassle-free service to its customers.

  • A passenger can request the full refund by simply filling the refund form on the official site of the Intercaribbean cancellation Policy.

  • If the airline has canceled your flight ticket due to any unavoidable circumstance, one can also request a full refund from the airline. One can ask for the rebooking also.

  • The refund will be transferred to you within 7- 10 working days by your chosen option of payment.

  • A customer will be permitted a full refund on any unused ticket, or one can rebook it within a year without any penalty.

  • The Intercarribean cancellation policy has fared for international as well as for domestic airlines. 

How much does it cost to cancel Inter Caribbean Airways?       

After the Cancellation of Intercaribbean Airways, the cost will vary, or it entirely depends upon which flight one has chosen, i.e., international or domestic cost to cancel an inter Caribbean flight will vary depending on whether the flight is short haul or long haul. 

For a domestic change, the fee will be 20 dollars (plus any fare difference). Usually, Intercaribbean airways do charge a fee of 100 dollars to 400 as a cancellation fee, and for international flights, it will be 50 dollars. One can easily make a cancellation request after canceling your flight ticket. Thus the amount does vary as per the flight reservation of the airlines.