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How do I select a seat on Lufthansa?

You have made plans to spend some time in your favorite country. For this, you are making plans to fly with Lufthansa Airlines to your favorite country. But while flying, getting the desirable flight seat will make your journey enjoyable and happily ever. For this reason, you want to seat select preferably, but you don’t know what procedure you will follow. So, the methods of Lufthansa seat selection while booking are situated in this article. For that, you need to go through it.

The online procedure for selecting a seat on Lufthansa Airlines

  • Go to the airline's official website www.lufthansa.com
  • Go for booking the flight tickets and select the route from one-way/ multicity/ round trip
  • Choose the flying or returning date and select your departing airport to your arriving airport destination. And, Add the number of passengers.
  • Then, a seating chart will open; select the seat in your good cabin and class.
  • Enter all the valid details of your name, phone number, email ID, age, number of passengers, Date of birth, or more details.
  • Continue the next options, and go for payment for seat selection at Lufthansa Airlines.
  • Further, pay the charges and get the confirmation of your seat selection. And, get your PNR number by mail.

Therefore, you can easily make a seat selection for Lufthansa airlines by following these simple steps mentioned above.

Lufthansa Airlines seat selection policy

Before selecting a seat, it is important to go through the Lufthansa seat selection policy, mentioned below.

  1. With a Basic Economy reservation, the Lufthansa Airlines representative will assign you the seat before boarding. After that, you cannot change your seat.
  2. You cannot reserve group seats unless the Reservations are pre-purchased and seats are available.
  3. Seat selection is subject to Seat availability. You can only select your seat based on availability. Otherwise, you will get your seat after registration.
  4. If you have the ticket and booked Economy Class, you cannot change your seat.
  5. You can change your seat through the official web portal of Lufthansa Airlines select or ask a representative to select a seat for you.

Do you have to pay for seat selection on Lufthansa?

According to the policy, Lufthansa Airlines allows you to seat selection for business and economy class free of cost before 24 hours of departure on both domestic and international flights.

Does Lufthansa allow you to pick seats?

Yes, Lufthansa Airlines allows you to pick the seats as per your desire in your wantable. So, you can easily select a seat on a Lufthansa flight by selecting the seats while making a reservation at the time of check-in.

Why can't I select my seat on Lufthansa?

There are some reasons you can’t select your seat on Lufthansa,

  • Your ticket fare can’t be reliable for your seat selection fare.
  • Also, when that seats are full or aren’t available due to this, you can’t select your seat.
  • You are going to select the seats on Lufthansa before check-in.

Does Lufthansa allow free seat selection?

Yes, Lufthansa Airlines allows you free seat selection on these conditions:

  1. The airline didn’t take any charge when you select your seats during the reservation.
  2. You don’t require to pay any Lufthansa seat selection charges when the airline assigns you the seats at the boarding time.
  3. If you are a member of the Lufthansa frequent flyer program, miles, or more, there is no requirement to pay the charges for seat selection.

How do I avoid seat fees on Lufthansa?

You must skip the seat selection during reservation or check-in to avoid the seat fees on Lufthansa Airlines. Because of this, Lufthansa will assign the seat free of cost while onboarding the flight.

Does Lufthansa's economy include seat selection?

Yes, Lufthansa’s Economy includes seat selection. In addition, the economy seat can’t be reserved in advance without paying any charge. Also, if you reserved it and want to change the economy seat, you need to pay USD 30.

Is it worth flying premium economy on Lufthansa?

Yes, it is worth flying premium economy on Lufthansa because the premium economy will offer more comfort while flying on long-haul flights. In addition, the Lufthansa seat selection premium economy will offer you extra space, additional free baggage, drinks, food, or unlimited services you will take while flying with Lufthansa premium economy.

What is included in Lufthansa's premium economy?

  • You will get 50% extra personal or private space in Lufthansa's premium economy.
  • You can carry up to 23 kg in two items of baggage without paying any fee.
  • In flight, you can enjoy your personal space with a comfy seat.
  • Also, there have monitors to provide entertainment in between the flight.
  • You can avail of unlimited WIFI, drink, and meal on your fine china tableware.

Are seat selection fees refundable, Lufthansa?

Yes, the Lufthansa seat selection refund will apply when the airline cancels the flight. And you can request for refund by filling out the form online.