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Many passengers once reserve a seat want to choose the higher travel class for the journey and better experience. In this case, Air Canada allows you to upgrade the travel seat and get the best journey possible. Therefore to do the Air Canada seat upgrade, you need to perform simple steps that are mentioned below:

The process to upgrade seats on Air Canada

  • First, you are required to visit the Air Canada official website at any preferred browser on your device. https://www.aircanada.com/ca/en/aco/home.html

  • Then, you need to head towards the "My Booking" option.

  • Hence to retrieve the booking, you need to enter the "booking reference number" with "Passenger last name" and tap on the find button.

  • With this, you will see the flight details, where you need to choose the seat that you want to upgrade.

  • Once you tap on the upgrade seat button from the drop-down section, you will get the new page.

  • There, you need to choose the type of class you need to travel to and select the preferred seat.

  • For the necessary changes, you need to make the payment, if any, and complete the process.

  • On the successful payment, your flight seat will be upgraded, and you will get the confirmation message on your registered email id.

Air Canada seat selection policy:

To select or upgrade the travel seat, you need to know the Air Canada seat selection policy and related terms, which are provided below:

  1. If you choose the seat within 24 hours of the purchase, you don't need to pay any charges or costs. But according to this, you must have purchased the flight ticket seven days before the departure.

  2. If you proceed to select the preferred seat after 24 hours of the purchase, you need to pay the charges that will calculate accordingly.

  3. You can choose the seat at the time of booking or 2 hours before the departure. 

  4. You can also select the seat at the time of check-in at no standard cost.

  5. Seat selection costs are calculated according to the passenger, flight segments, route, etc.

  6. Air Canada will allot the seat as per the availability on the plane and the number of passengers.

How much does it cost to upgrade seats on Air Canada?

Air Canada seat upgrade cost is between $17 to $299 before the departure. You can find the actual charges once you select the seat and proceed to the payment page at my bookings portal. 

How can I get a free upgrade on Air Canada?

Passengers always wanted to save the price for the changes, and Air Canada allows free upgrades of seats. You can check the below points to avoid Air Canada seat selection costs for the travel:

  • You are allowed to select the seat free of cost at the time of check-in before departure to get the boarding pass for the appropriate seat.

  • You can also choose the seat in advance before the departure at no cost within 24 hours of the purchase.

  • Air Canada members or frequent flyer users will get the free upgrade to select the seat at no extra cost.

Can you bid for an upgrade on Air Canada?

Air Canada allows you to place a request to upgrade the seat and bid for the price online. Hence to place the bid, you can do the below steps:

  1. You are required to visit the Air Canada official website at any search engine.

  2. Then, you need to get access to the Air Canada bid upgrade page available on the website.

  3. With this, you need to place the request and add the booking reference number, type of class to upgrade, and amount for the bid.

  4. Once you submit the request form and agree to the terms and conditions, Air Canada will notify you within 48 hours of your mail.

How much extra for preferred seats on Air Canada?

If you are looking to select the preferred seat on Air Canada, you need to pay $19 for a little extra space for the travel. You can choose the preferred seat online using the "my booking" portal and get the best seat. 

Are Air Canada seat selection fees refundable?

Sometimes the travel plans change, and you need to cancel the journey. Then Air Canada seat selection will only be refundable in the below terms and conditions:

  • If you have moved from the seat that you have selected due to unexpected changes in the scheduled departure or at the airport, then, in this case, you can request a refund.

  • If you cannot travel on the decided date, then the value for the seat upgrade will either be refunded or can apply towards the future journey with Air Canada which will be saved as the travel credit. So you can avoid flight cancellation with this.

For further information about Air Canada seat upgrades, you can also contact customer service by dialing toll-free at 1 (888) 247-2262 and ask all seat-related queries.


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