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Allegiant Air is one of the oldest and largest airlines, giving services to passengers. Due to any emergency, when passengers decide to cancel their flight tickets that they have reserved on Allegiant Air, they want to claim a refund. If you want to get an Allegiant refund, then it is an effortless process that travelers can go through. Some passengers need support from the airline's customer service to know how they can request a refund from Allegiant Air. They have several provinces that are helpful for travelers when they ask for help from Allegiant Air. To know how can passengers request a refund, you have to go through the steps that are mentioned below:

The process to claim a refund from Allegiant Air:

  • First of all, passengers have to log in to the official website of Allegiant Air on their mobile phones with the best internet network.

  • Afterward, passengers have to go to the ‘Manage Booking’ section on the navigation bar of the home screen.

  • Now enter the reservation or PNR number on the tab given with the passengers’ last name. Hit on the ‘OK button.

  • A list of different options will appear on the screen. You have to choose to cancel flight tickets from the options.

  • Cancel the flight tickets to claim a refund from the airline. Pay the amount if any cancelation charges are applied.

  •  After your flight tickets are canceled, the airline will send you a mail regarding the information about canceled flight tickets.

  • After that, passengers have to rush to the ‘Request a Refund’ option or refund link on the bottom of the homepage of Allegiant Air. 

  • Travelers have to enter the booking number and their name to fill out the refund form.

  • Submit the application to the airline. If your application is accepted by the airline, you will get your refund credited to your account in the same way you have paid for the tickets.

You can also reach the Allegiant Air customer service to know the information of requesting a refund by dialing toll-free 1 (702) 505-8888.

How long does it take Allegiant to refund?

Once the passengers have applied for the allegiant refund request, there is curiosity that always troubles the passengers on how much time the refund will take to get credited to the account. The airline probably takes three to seven business days to return the refund. But in case there is any delay in the refund, then Allegiant will make sure to return a refund within 21 days of applying for it.

Allegiant Air refund policy:

Before proceeding with the claiming refund process, passengers have to go through some terms and conditions of Allegiant Air. To know the Allegiant Air refund policy, move ahead with the steps mentioned below:

  1. When planning to apply for a refund from the airline, you have to cancel the flight tickets within a day of reserving them to get the full refund credited to your account.

  2. When there are sudden changes in plan and the tickets are canceled after a day of booking, then you have to pay some amount of cancelation charges that can be withdrawn from the refund.

  3. To get a refund back from the airline, passengers have to see whether their tickets are refundable, unused, or lapsed. 

  4. When trying to cable tickets and get a refund, try to cancel them before time as they will not be allowed to cancel them a day before the scheduled timing of the flight.

  5. The refund charges are according to the kind of tickets passengers have booked for their journey.

  6. The refund will be credited to the accounts of passengers immediately within three to five working days.

Allegiant Air cancellation policy:

To avoid any mistakes while canceling flight tickets, travelers can follow the Allegiant Air cancellation policy. The rules and regulations are given by the airline themselves to the passengers, and they are as follows:

  • To cancel the tickets free of cost, try to cancel them within 24 hours of reserving the flight tickets under the 24 hours cancelation policies.

  • When required to cancel the flight tickets a few days before the scheduled timing of the flight, it will charge cancelation fees according to the flight booked.

  • Passengers are not allowed to cancel the flight tickets that are expired or used by them. 

  • The flight tickets are cancelable until 24 hours before the departure timing of the flight tickets.

  • The cancelation charges are according to the tickets booked, for example, domestic flight tickets and international flight tickets.

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How do I get a refund from Allegiant Air?
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Allegiant Air offers a refund to all those passengers who withdraw their booking for unavoidable reasons. These refunds can be requested via the Allegiant Air refund request form, through customer service, or at the airport counter. However, the most convenient and hassle-free process is to get the refund online by visiting the website, and the procedure for the same is instructed down below:

The process to get a refund from Allegiant Air

  • Passengers need to visit the official Allegiant Air website with the help of their default web browser on a desktop.  https://www.allegiantair.com/

  • After that go to the "manage trip" option under the flying with Allegiant menu. https://www.allegiantair.com/my-trips

  • Now you need to enter your "first and last name" along with the "booking confirmation number" and then click on the find my trip button to get details regarding your itinerary of Allegiant Air.

  • Locate the cancel button on the booking information page and then provide your confirmation to withdraw your tickets successfully.

  • You will soon receive the cancellation confirmation in your email and then return to the website to follow the refund process given on-screen.

Apart from this, passengers can also contact the customer support executive of Allegiant Air by dialing 1 (702) 505-8888 and requesting a refund of their canceled flight reservation. Passengers will immediately get a refund as per their eligibility criteria. However, you need to make sure to cancel the flight booking within 24 hours of making a purchase to get the refund in the original payment mode. Otherwise, your refund will be processed in the form of a travel voucher by Allegiant air. 

How long does it take to get a refund from Allegiant Air?

The usual wait time for passengers who need a refund from Allegiant Air is within 5 to 7 working days. However, the refund time might exceed due to various reasons that depend on your eligibility for getting a refund. The refund process by Allegiant Air for your canceled reservation depends on the time of cancellation, time left in flight departure, ticket type, route, and cabin. All the refunds are processed back in the original payment mode when canceled within 24 hours of making a reservation. Simultaneously, if a passenger fails to cancel the reservation within 24 hours risk-free, they have to bear the cancellation charges. 

Allegiant Air refund policy

  1. As per the 24 hours risk-free cancelation period of Allegiant Air, passengers are allowed to claim the full refund if they cancel the reservation within 24 hours of making a purchase. 

  2. If a passenger fails to cancel their flight booking within 24 hours of making a reservation, their ticket becomes non-refundable, which means they will only get the travel voucher of the same amount. You can use your travel vouchers to book a flight within one year from the date of issuance. 

  3. All the refunds are transferred back to the original mode of payment in the original currency type. 

  4. The refunds from allegiant air are reflected in your account within 5 to 7 working days as per the policy.

  5. Passengers can request a refund via the official website or through the customer service executive of Allegiant Air. 

  6. Suppose you cancel a booking due to unexpected emergencies such as the death of an immediate person. In such cases, you can claim a complete refund under the involuntary cancelation policy of Allegiant Air. An immediate person could be your family member or blood relative. 

Can I cancel an Allegiant flight without penalty?

Passengers who wish to waive the penalty fee charged by Allegiant Air can only have one way when they cancel their flight reservation within 24 hours of booking and at least seven days before departure time. As per the refund policy, passengers are only allowed a full refund if they withdraw the flight reservation within 24 hours of making a purchase and 168 hours before departure of the flight. If you fail to cancel the reservation in this grace period, you are bound to bear the cancellation charges that depend on specific parameters. The cancelation charges are calculated on the basis of time of cancelation, time left in departure, route, ticket type, condition, and flight cabin. 

Is Allegiant Cancelling flights due to Covid?

Yes, if a passenger who is supposed to board the flight gets affected by the covid 19 virus can apply for an Allegiant Air refund by showing supportive documents. The airline is completely responsible for refunding your whole ticket amount as per the new guidelines. So if you get the covid test and the results are positive, you need to immediately transfer this information to the Allegiant Air customer service. They will further take the required actions regarding your refund. 


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