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Flight cancellation from the end of a passenger is a very special case that passes through some policies as well, and passengers cancel their bookings for multiple reasons: medical conditions, emergency or unexpected events, change of mind, etc. If you are also willing to cancel flydubai ticket, then just go through the necessary headings ahead.

Online process to cancel a flight on flydubai

You may cancel flydubai booking according to any circumstance. Go further for the explained points for the cancellation of flydubai ticket online:-

  1. Explore the webpage of Flydubai. https://www.flydubai.com/
  2. Check the "Manage Booking" tab to select.
  3. Insert the "Last name" & "Booking number" of the passenger in the spaces.
  4. Now your booking information with Flydubai will appear.
  5. You can choose the booking to cancel the flight that you wish.
  6. You will pay the Flydubai flight cancellation fee if required.

How much does the flydubai flight cancellation fee?

The time interval between your booking and cancellation defines the flydubai ticket cancellation charges that will be applied to you. Generally, the cancellation charges of Flydubai are $100 and onwards. Important to remember:-

  • If you're under the time limit of 24 hours, no cancellation charges will be there to be paid.
  • If you have crossed the limit of 24 hours, then some mandatory charges will be applied.
  • Your chosen destination and the type of your ticket will effect he charges as well.

What is the cancellation policy of Flydubai?

Some important flydubai cancellation policy are here that are necessary for you to go through for a better understanding of cancellations in detail.

  1. If you have decided to cancel your booking within 24 hours, then, in this case, no cancellation charges you need to pay to Flydubai.
  2. If you have exceeded the time limit of 24 hours from your booking, then some charge of cancellation will be applied per the instructions of Flydubai.
  3. Flight charges may vary accordingly as per your ticket type and destination.
  4. If in case the flight is late in itself and now you wish to cancel the booking, then no charges will be applied to you from Flydubai.

How can you contact Flydubai for cancellation?

You can opt for customer service for ticket cancellation with Flydubai by calling on +971 600 54 44 45, where the representative will help you out with cancellation. Look after the steps onwards to cancel your booking by calling:-

Dial the Flydubai phone number +971 600 54 44 45.
Follow the IVR instructions.
Press 1 - To know about your booking.
Press 2 - To manage your flight.
Press 3 - To cancel your flight.
Press 4 - For more services.
Press 5 - To connect with a Flydubai representative.

All the above sections are important to know if you want to cancel a flydubai flight, i.e., their policies, contact options, and the applicable cancellation charges. Cancellation is very common, and this is a special case service for passengers as it depends on unexpected circumstances that anyone can face.

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