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Guide on change name on WestJet flight ticket and WestJet name change policy

When someone travels with Westjet Airlines, they need to be very attentive while filling in the details in the ticket form. There are sometimes when there is a mistake while booking the Westjet flight ticket. This leads to the tension of name-changing.

Fortunately, WestJet Airlines gives you the solution for the mistake of wrong name or spelling. If you are having doubts about can I change the name on my Westjet ticket, the answer is affirmative? You can take the guidance for the steps below in this article. You can also learn other things about the name change policy of WestJet Airlines.

How can I change the name of WestJet Airlines?

If you want to change the name in your Westjet flight ticket, you need to follow the steps given below:

  • You need to head to the official page of WestJet Airlines.

  • Click on the manage Trip option at the top menu.

  • Now you need to enter your ticket number and last name to find your booking.

  • Click on the Search flight button, and a new page with your bookings will appear on your screen.

  • You can pick the flight you want to edit.

  • You will find the information you provided previously.

  • Now you simply need to click on the Edit button and make the desired changes.

  • If you are changing the name, you need to attach a verification id in the given option.

  • After clicking on the continue arrow, you can see the payment option if required.

  • Complete the instructed steps and click on Done.

  • You will be able to change the name on your ticket. Once the process is complete, you will get the revised invoice in your mail.

WestJet Airlines name change policy

  1. You need to change the ticket within24 hours of the booking to get it done free of cost.

  2. Once you cross the 24 hours window, you will have to pay the name change charge to the airline.

  3. The price of name changing is quite high as you want to transfer your ticket to someone else.

  4. If you choose the name correction option, you will have to pay less for it.

  5. You can change the name with the help of the official website and customer service only.

  6. The prices for name change in WestJet tend to increase as the departure date approaches.

  7. It depends on the airline whether to accept the name change request or not. The verification id is analyzed before changing the ticket.

How much does it cost to change the name on a WestJet flight ticket?

The cost of changing the name depends on your ticket type. If you make name changes within 24 hours of booking, it is free of cost. If you change the name after that, the rage is approx. $80-$170, depending on your fare type.


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