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How do I speak to a person at Jetblue JFK? 

If your JetBlue flight is about to take off from JFK international airport and you wish to inquire about the parking facility at the airport, then you can contact the customer care services of JetBlue. To communicate with a person at JetBlue at JFK, customers must use the JetBlue JFK phone number: (718) 244-4444. On your call is responded to by an automated voice, you must press one number from the following IVR menu to get in contact with the dealing person:

Contact JetBlue New York JFK by calling

Dial 718 244-4444 (JFK airport contact number)

Press 1: For flight booking-related issues
Press 2: To know about the departing terminal
Press 3: For cancellations or refunds
Press 5: To enquire about parking
Press 7: For refund-related issues
Press 9: To contact lost and found
Press #: To directly speak to a person at JFK.

After dialing one character, your call will be connected to JetBlue's corresponding representative at JFK, who will provide all the required information. 

What terminal is JetBlue at JFK International airport?

If you are wondering from where your JetBlue flights depart or arrive at JFK, then you must know that at JFK JetBlue terminal departure and arrival are scheduled from Terminal 5. Also, certain flights arrive at Terminal 4 of the airport. So passengers must report to the terminal before their scheduled time to avoid any last-minute inconvenience.

How do I contact Jetblue JFK airport lost and found?

If your luggage is lost or misplaced at JFK airport and you wish to report it, you can contact the JetBlue lost and found JFK airport department by calling the central baggage service at 1-866-538-5438. If you find out about the loss after leaving the airport, you must fill out the online lost and found form to inform the airlines about your loss. 

How do I contact Terminal 5 at JFK?

In order to get in touch with JetBlue at terminal 5 of JFK, passengers can utilize the jetblue jfk airport contact number: (800) 538-2583. You can clear your query over the phone. 

What JFK terminal are JetBlue arrivals?

If you are reaching JFK to receive your friend and you are not aware of jfk jetblue terminal arrival, then you must know that all the international flights arriving from 5 am to 10.30 pm arrive at terminal 5 of the airport while all the international flights arriving from 10.30 pm to 5 am comes at terminal 4 of the airport. You must check the arrival time to be sure of the arrival terminal. 

What JFK terminal is JetBlue's departure?

All JetBlue flights depart from Terminal 5 at JFK airport. So no matter whether you are traveling to any domestic or international destination, you must report to terminal 5 of the airport for departure via JetBlue airlines. All other queries can be resolved by jetblue jfk terminal phone number regarding terminals. 

Where do you park for JetBlue at JFK?

Travelers must take note that parking is available near every terminal. They can pre-book their parking spot by contacting jetblue phone number JFK airport & paying certain parking charges to avoid an unwanted penalty. 

  • Blue lot parking is available at terminal 4 of the airport.
  • Yellow lot parking facility is available at terminal-5.
  • Terminal 7 provides the option of an orange lot.
  • The red lot is available at terminal 8 of JFK airport.
  • You can use the long-term parking lot for long-term parking.
  • Parking is closed at terminal 1 of the airport.  

How much is parking at JFK JetBlue?

If you are searching about the fares at JetBlue parking at JFK airport, the price varies according to the parking spot. Consider the following points to know the exact price:

  1. If you wish to obtain parking at Federal-Circle-Station Lot, then you need to pay $20 for the initial 24 hours.
  2. For yellow garage, prices to be paid may be from $6-$70 depending on the time-duration of parking.
  3. For blue garage, 24-hour parking can be purchased by paying an amount of $70, while for half an hour, you just need to pay $6.
  4. For orange and red-garage parking, passengers must pay $4 for 30 minutes for a maximum of 24 hours; they need to pay $65 and $60, respectively.
  5. Economy-parking slots can be purchased by paying 29 dollars. If the time exceeds more than 24 hours, then you must pay a penalty of 14.50 dollars. 
  6. Passengers with restricted mobility can reserve a parking slot for 24 hours by paying $29.

Where is Lost and Found JFK?

If you wish to report your lost property at the airport, then you can reach the lost and found department of JetBlue situated at Terminal-4. Also, you can contact the baggage claim office of the airline at terminal-5. 


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