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How do I contact United Airlines Kansas City Airport?

United Airlines is a well-known name in the United States of America. The Airline offers its flights to various routes worldwide to multiple airports. Kansas City airport is one such Airport United Airlines uses for its flights. The city is famous for its beauty. Kansas is where you can visit if you want to be around nature. United Airlines has its flight on this route. If you need to contact an airport customer service agent, you can get the necessary information from this blog.

Call the United Airlines Kansas customer service agent

  • Dial United Airlines Kansas City airport phone number: 1 (800) 864-8331 or 1-802-856-8331
  • Kansas city airport phone number: 816-243-5237
  • Kansas city airport parking lots phone number: 816-243-5201
  • Kansas city airport car rental: 816-243-1390
  • Kansas city airport police: (816) 243-5237

What time do ticket counters open at MCI?

The counter opens at 4:00 am and closes at 8:30 pm between Monday to Thursday. However, the closing time for the counter is 6:30 from Friday to Sunday. Travelers can also book their journey by making a call to United Airlines Kansas City phone number 1-802-856-8331 and asking the representative of the Airline to reserve their seat on the flight.

How early should I arrive at Kansas City Airport?

The passengers are required to undergo a security check at the Airport. They need to reach the Airport at least 2 hours before the scheduled flight for the domestic route. If you have an international flight you are supposed to be at the gate of the Airport 3 hours prior to the take-off of the flight. You can also contact United Airlines Kansas City airport agent at 816-243-5237 to get more check information. 

What Terminal is United Airlines at MCI airport?

You might require information about the Airline's Terminal you are flying with. The passengers are supposed to visit Kansas City international airport united airlines Terminal 3 if they have your booking with United Airlines. You can dial 816-243-5237 and get the terminal details from the Airline.

How do I contact TSA at Kansas City Airport?

TSA is the team at the Airport responsible for managing transport at the Airport. You may require information regarding the available transport options at the Airport Airport. You can contact the Kansas City TSA number 816-243-5237 for quick help.

How many terminals are in Kansas City Airport?

The Airport contains three terminals. There are terminals A, B, and C. Terminal 1 has gates from 1-30. Terminal 2 host gate 31-60. The third Terminal has 30 gates from 61-90.

Does the Kansas City airport have a lounge?

The Airport offers a variety of services to passengers. There are spas, restaurants, and medical shops. If you booked your flight from Kansas City Airport and your flight is delayed for some reason. You can visit the United Airlines Kansas City airport lounge and relax there.

Where is the United baggage claim at MCI?

Travelers may have missed their bags at the Airport, or you may need help finding your luggage. In such a case, you can contact the Lost and Found team at the Airport. You can connect to the United Airlines Kansas City airport baggage claim team and get your luggage back in various ways. You can call them at 816-243-5237 this number to register your complaint.   

What is the Airport Address?

The passengers may need the airport address to reach the gate of the Airport to board the flight. The address of the Airport is written below:

P.O. Box 20047, 
Kansas City, Missouri, 64195 0047,

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